Purina Yesterday's News Cat Litter, Kitty LItter, 15-Pound

Purina® Yesterday's News® Brand Fresh Scent Cat Litter Made with Recycled Paper.
We have three ferrets and boy do we go through the litter. We currently buy Yesterday’s News cat litter in the 15lb size at Petsmart. I’m just wondering if there is another store-online or otherwise-that sells a larger bag at a cheap price. Or if there is another brand that is similiar to YN that is cheaper. Thanks for any info!
First week: mix 1/3 Yesterdays News cat litter with 2/3 current litter
Based on my three eco-friendly cat litter reviews, I personally would give thumbs up to and Cat Country. For me, edges out Yesterday’s News because it’s organic and made by a family-run sustainable business. Second week: mix 1/2 Yesterdays News cat litter with 1/2 current litterPurina Yesterday's News Softer Paper Pellet Unscented Cat LitterPurina Yesterday's News Softer Paper Pellet Scented Cat Litter
Since Yesterday’s News cat litter not a granule, it’s a good choice if you have hardwood in your house; it won’t be prone to getting scratched due to tracking like traditional clay litter.Yesterday's News® is a remarkably safe and hygienic cat litter. Designedto keep your home clean and its inhabitants healthy, this recycled papercat litter yields the benefits of traditional litter with minimal tracking. Why not do some good in your home by using Yesterday's News today?One of the most popular reasons why people choose Yesterdays News cat litter, is it’s dust and fragrance free (many cats can’t stand the perfume of clumping varieties, and dust can exacerbate upper-respiratory issues.)Yesterday's News® paper cat litter is recommended by U.S. Veterinarians. Yesterday’s News can be used as a highly effective post-surgical litter. And because it contains no harmful chemicals, you can feel good using a safe, non-toxic product that won't harm your cat.Fill the litter box to a depth of 2 to 3 inches, with plenty of pelletsfor pawing and covering. Remember that Yesterday's News paper cat litter is differentthan clay cat litter. Having the litter too deep will make it more difficult to find and remove the soiled litter.Some cats switch from one litter type to another easily. Others require a transition. When possible, give your cat the opportunity adjust to Yesterday's News® prior to surgery.Purina® Yesterday's News® brand cat litter has been committed to providing cat owners with an environmentally-friendly solution for managing their cats' waste. Made from recycled paper and sawdust, Yesterday's News takes items that could otherwise end up in landfills and turns them into high-quality litter that's good for your cat, your home and your environment.From partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to using the earth'sresources responsibly to engaging local community organizations to collectold phone books for use in our paper cat litter, Yesterday's News® is always looking for ways to make a more positive impact on our world.