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Wysong Epigen 90 Review: A leap forward in dry cat food
Hi Neil,
Bil-Jac is only given a sad 2 stars from this site. At Bil-Jac, they do recognize that Wysong is a very good food, and a couple of others, but theirs is equal.
I have put an educated review on Bil-Jac dog food on the Bil-Jac comments area of this site.
Barb Cole
Wysong Cat Food Reviews - CatFoodDB
Customer reviews of Wysong cat food are mostly positive. Many cat owners like the quality of the ingredients in Wysong’s cat food formulas. Also, the recent introduction of a starch-free formula has many cat owners intrigued. The one concern that some cat owners had is that garlic is included in some Wysong formulas. Garlic has been a controversial ingredient, since some health experts have stated that it may be toxic to cats. Overall, however, Wysong seems to have a good reputation among cat owners. Can dogs eat cat food? Wysong Epigen food review - We live in a flatWysong Dry Cat Food - Cat Food ReviewsWysong Geriatrx Feline Formula Cat Food Review - CatFoodDB
Have you fed your cat any of the Wysong cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of Wysong cat food!We have fed Wysong dog food (Puppy Maintenance) to our dogs for the past 11 years. Nearing the end of last October 2009 we started to notice a white dry substance on the dry Maintenance Wysong dog food. I am an RN of over 23 years and immediately became concerned that this was a cause for concern because the dog food had never had anything like this on it before. My dogs are two Boston terriers, one boxer (who was rescued and now at 70 lbs. and was previously kept on chain and no food and was 30 lbs. and had worn her front teeth down to nubbins trying to chew through metal chain at the time I rescued her 4 years ago; she is now happy healthy and well nourished spayed Boxer) and we also have my son's 2-year old German short hair while he is in college in AZ. She is a bundle of energy, spayed and an extremely well bred and well trained dog; the dogs would smell the food and walk away. Plus my nursing education told me that it looked like the white mold we are trained to look for in clinical settings.I also have 3 cats: 2 male Siamese (6 & 14) and a 3 yr old European Burmese female. We have partially switched (about one of 3 meals to Wyson Prdoducts). The only dry formula they would tolerate was Epogen90…but we are always looking for ways to push fluid intake via ultra fresh water and 70% canned food. We also try to rotate between primary proteins and manufacturers (seems random but an actual plan due to need for a relatively healthy GI tract in our cats and protection against unforeseen poor quality in commercial foods I feed our cats). This process produces lots of wasted food and expense. However, every brand we have tried, wet and dry, has periods of variable quality and “mystery” problems. Recently we have changed our cats to Wysong canned Chicken. We are also stepping up to make our own simple foods, just for our cats—not the easiest job since consensus of opinion for a good direction is diverse and not supported fully by any Vets in our area (that we are aware of). In conclusion, Wysong has the best food (we have tried) to produce a healthy outcome in our cats. However, given reviews about prior issues with some of their products per “consumer Blogs”, we are on pins and needles and hope appropriate source and manufacturing practices have permanently changed to minimize chances for a repeat. In addition, any information re producing high quality home cooked recipes would be of great and immediate interest (recipes and exact info for supplementation). Can you please review the new formula of Wysong Epigen 90? My cat was very happy on Epigen 90 along with her wet food. But they recently changed the formula. Although the carb % remains the same, some of the ingredients look questionable and pple have been saying their cats are getting sick from it. My cat has a very sensitive stomach and is allergic to fish. Epigen 90 was the perfect choice. But with all complaints, I have been debating whether to have her try the new formula. She is currently on wet food only but is losing weight bc she prefers the dry. I would appreciate any advice you can provide. Thank you!