Wysong Anergen Canned Cat Food Guaranteed Analysis:

Wysong Geriatrx Feline Diet Canned Cat Food
The company who makes Wysong cat food is called the Wysong Corporation. After being founded in 1979, the Wysong Corporation branched out to provide food formulas for a variety of different animals. Wysong currently manufactures food for horses, dogs, ferrets and cats. The company doesn’t just produce dry food formulas – they also manufacture canned food, raw food diets, pet supplements and even grooming supplies.
Wysong Anergen Feline Diet Canned Cat Food
Wysong Gourmet Liver Canned Food is a close archetypal diet that is natural and holistic and suitable for both dogs and cats! Wysong Gourmet canned foods contain multiple proteins and provide your pet with an array of nutrients. As with all Wysong products, the Gourmet canned foods are to be used in combination with other Wysong products, fresh foods or as a top dress for Wysong dry foods. Wysong Uretic with Organic Chicken Canned Cat Food, 5.5-oz, Case of 24; There is no better way to nourish your cat than to provideHealthy Canned Cat Food | WysongWysong offers healthy, holistic canned cat foods with 95+% meat
Wysong products are manufactured with our proprietarytechnology, and are the safest, most genetically appropriate raw pet foods on the market. True Non-Thermal™ feline diets and treats are the perfect compliment to our dry and canned diets as part of your cat's varied feeding regimen.Wysong Geriatrx is a great starting point for older cats. Geriatrx is a natural food specifically designed to provide the nutritional needs for aging cats that require fewer calories than more active adults. Geriatrx is a low calorie and high bulk food which provides a low glycemic index and helps to lower body weight in aged cats. While Geriatrx is formulated for older cats that are not in good health, it can also be fed to cats of all ages and health as part of a rotation diet with other Wysong products.Wysong canned cat foods areand augment all other Wysong feline diets. Highly palatable and nutritious, our healthful canned cat foods have increased feline vitality for decades.Wysong makes a wide range of cat foods and other products for cats including raw foods, dry foods, canned foods, supplements and treats, and grooming products. Here’s a short overview of their cat foods.Established in 1979, Wysong makes food and supplements for dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, other animals, and even products for humans. The company is often considered one of the pioneers in the healthy, holistic pet food niche. Their cat foods include dry, raw, and canned foods, along with supplements and grooming products. Wysong is a family-owned company located in Midland, Michigan.Nurture with Quail is also available as an adult maintenance food for dogs and cats. It has 41 percent crude protein; 16 percent crude fat; 5 percent crude fiber; and 10 percent moisture. The first five ingredients are: Quail, chicken, chicken meal, fish meal, and turkey meal. Please note that with most pet foods you would not use cat and dog food interchangeably – in fact, it would be harmful to do so, especially for cats since they need some things in their diet that dogs don’t. However, Wysong formulates some of their foods so they can be fed to both cats and dogs. They have the nutrients that both species need.Wysong’s raw cat foods are made with a proprietary true non-thermal technology. Their raw products are never heated above 118 degrees F at any stage of production. According to Wysong their raw foods are shelf-stable, safe, and superior to raw frozen diets. Their raw foods include Archetype (available in four varieties) for cats and dogs; Dream Treats – a real meat treat with added probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals; Archetype Burgers – chicken and beef raw diet in a convenient, breakable burger form; and UnCanny – a nutritious blend of ingredients designed to augment Archetype or homemade raw meals.Wysong Gourmet is the only canned food my senior cat will eat. Because of kidney issues, it is important she have wet food. I have had problems in the past with inconsistency in the product (one case of the cans were nothing but liquid) but Wysong accepted my return and replaced the cans that were not consistent with what I purchased in the past. I went online to order and noticed the Gourmet was shown as back ordered. I called the 800 line and was told the product was discontinued - no reason given. Very disappointed primarily in the falsehood of the website and secondarily that I will have to literally purchase every canned food available to find something my senior girl will eat.