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In the 1970s comics, a series of stories taking place on (the parallel Earth that was retroactively declared as the home of DC's characters) reveal that on that world, Selina reformed in the 1950s (after the events of #69) and had married Bruce Wayne; soon afterward, she gave birth to the couple's only child, Helena Wayne (the ). #197 (April 1983) elaborates upon the Golden Age origin of Catwoman given in #62, after Selina reveals that she never suffered from amnesia. It is revealed that Selina Kyle had been in an marriage, and eventually decides to leave her husband. However, her husband keeps her jewelry in his private vault, and she has to break into it to retrieve it. Selina enjoys this experience so much she decides to become a professional costumed , and thus begins a career that repeatedly leads to her encountering Batman.
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Tired of being a hero all the time? Yes you can be a bold and sexy villainess with our huge collection of Cat Woman Costumes. Created in 1940 by Bob Kane and Bill Fanger, Catwoman first appeared in DC Comics' Batman Franchise as Batman's love and hate romantic fling.

She takes in the alter-ego of Selina Kyle who becomes the love interest of Bruce Wayne (the alter-ego of Batman). Donned in a sexy catsuit costume and carrying her whip, she becomes a burglar with a taste of high stake thefts. There are many untold stories about Selina's dark past which turned her into a Catwoman in order to thrive.

Be the hot cat and allure every body like Catwoman. Slip into our catsuits, carry a whip like a cat and wear our tail and cat ears. Blend into the shadows as a night prowler, even though you'll still be a head turner.

They say that wome are like cats; cool, unreliable and detach. Find your own Catwoman suit that best expresses your femininity. Go to:

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Our last in our series of female super hero costumes comes our Cat Woman costumes. This is proving very popular with the new Batman film coming out later this year and is a sure hit with Superhero themed parties... Next up we will take a look at our popular movie fancy dress costumes, follow us to keep up to date with all the latest fancy dress ideas and photos!Bad Kitty Cat Woman Halloween Costume ($13) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring costumes, black, sexy ladies costumes, womens costumes, sexy womens costume, sexy cat costume and lady halloween costumes"DIY Halloween Costume" by princ355 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Masquerade, Doublju, J Brand, Gianvito Rossi, Cushnie Et Ochs, catwoman, diycostume and GothamCitySirenThis feisty vigilante is known for kicking butt in her skin tight black catsuit. Her weapon of choice is a black leather whip. She is also extremely skilled in gymnastics and hand to hand combat. She is also empathetic to all felines. Our sexy black Catwoman costumes are flattering and come in an assortment of sleek bodysuits. Check out our accessories to really stand out.LACE EARS Black Cat Costume party gift for her Sexy ears Cat Ears Lace Ear Black Cat Woman Crystals Bunny Ears Headband Cat Ears Kitty Ears brand new properties: lace, headband. color: black shape: bunny lace ears This beautiful black headband lace headpiece is a perfect compliment for the party or wedding gift.Catwoman's attitude hasn't changed much over the years. She's always been an independent woman who takes what she wants, even if what she has to do to get it isn't entirely legal. Her outfit, however, has gone through some transformations throughout the years. Of course, she always dresses for success, but as the times change, so does the gear she uses. Take a look at some of the costumes she's donned to carry out her Gotham crime spree.