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To order a Sunny SeatWindow-Mounted Cat Seat for one or more of your clever cats, .
For a mobile solution, almost any cat condo or climbing tree can serve as a window perch. Move your cat’s favorite climbing tree in front of a window or glass door and voila! You have a comfortable, portable window seat, without any installation hassles.
You can pick from a variety of styles, but here are three types of window seats for cats: metal, uncovered wood, and padded wooden seats.
My 14 yr old daughter just bought this for her cat. We tried several windows and made sure the were clean, when her cat was placed in the seat her cat fell. Not pleased and taking it back! Lowe's Creative Ideas - July/August 2009 Kitty Kingdom....custom window seat is the purrfect perch for your cat.Beds 66762: Window Cat Perch Comfortable Surface For Cat Rest- Seat Window-Mounted 27 X 11 - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $35.96 on eBay!How to Make a Window Seat for Your Cat or Dog | Angie's List
Hi. I have a limited buget and two cats who love to climb and fight over the few window sills I have in my small apartment. I was wondering if there was a way to make window seats for my sills and a three or four glass window seats for my huge sliding glass door that takes up one wall in my apartment? Cats are looking for comfort and a secure place to sleep and observe. Our feline friends spend so much time in these two activities that it would be unfair not to supply them with a window seat like this for these purposes. And once your cat recognizes this bolstered perch as its personal territory, it is sure to turn into a very much used spot in the house.Adding a seat to a window sill is an inexpensive way to give your cat hours of pleasure and comfort without cluttering up the house. Specialized cat furniture can be expensive and cumbersome. A window sill ledge can make the most out of limited space and a tight budget. This is an easy project that should take only a couple of hours to complete.The Sunny Seat™ cat bed is designed to attach directly to the window with four giant suction cups – no hardware or tools needed. I’ll admit, I was skeptical whether something that attaches with suction cups would be secure enough to hold the weight of a cat. The perch is designed to hold a maximum weight of 40 pounds. In order to test the sturdiness of the seat, since Allegra wasn’t cooperating (and weighing in at only 8 pounds, she wouldn’t have been a good test subject for this part of the review anyway), I set an 18 pound bag of cat litter on it. I even bounced the bag to simulate a cat jumping on the seat. The Sunny Seat™ stayed firmly attached to the window. Here’s a new product that creatively addresses a common problem plaguing lots of cat owners. The creates a cozy window seat for your cat that also helps keep your blinds from being destroyed. Are the photos below a familiar sight to you?To enter the giveway, leave a comment on this post and let me know why you think your cats would like the Sunny Seat™. Tweet about the giveaway or share on Facebook and post the link in a separate comment for an additional chance to win.