You & Me Scout & Snooze Window Cat Perch

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One is a blessing, two is happiness. We can state that about our loving cats too, because they represent some little furry animals, with big souls, who are ready to love us unconditionally! For them, we have created this amazing double window perch-hammock. This is one versatile item that has multiple benefits for both you and your kitties. They have a nice place to relax, to sleep and you have more space in the room because this item is attached to your window. Whenever you will want to close up the curtains, you can easily fold it up in no time. This is also easy to install due to the suction cups and it offers your cats two levels of fun and relaxation. The double window perch-hammock is a great mounted play/sleep area for your lovely cats. Offer them this unique present today! If you have only one pet, check the
20KG Cat Basking Window Hammock Perch Cushion Bed Hanging Shelf Seat for multiple cats of household
Your cat is your fearless ally when things go rough, she is your closest friend because it will stay by your side no matter what. True, right? How about offering her all the attention she needs and all the necessary stuff for a queen kitty like she is?! This window perch-hammock is specially designed for the comfort of your furry friend. It is strong, really easy for you to install and definitely great for every cat. Now she can sit on this hammock to watch the outside world and when she feels sleepy, she will relax on the special window sleeper. It has a steel frame and 2 strong suction cups that holds over 100 lbs so there is no danger for your kitty. And if you are looking for the same item but for two cats check our This double window perch-hammock would be a great mounted play-sleep area for your lovely cats.Window Hammock For Cats Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac AndroidHammocks For Cats Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
For those cats and small dogs who like the outdoor life, hammock beds are ideal. Pleasant fabrics and cushy designs create wonderful pet beds. Unlike window-style hammocks, traditional cat hammocks give pets a realistic hammock experience. No matter if you decide to go with a traditional cat hammock or window perch, modern cat furniture items bring more fun into your pets life.1pc x cat hammock set. Installs in seconds to any clean and non-porous surfaces, such as glass window or door. Frame Material: Plastic. Supports up to 20kg. Great for multiple cats of household. | eBay!SUNNY SEAT Cat Window Perch Window Mounted Cat Bed Space Saving Cat Bed Cat Hammock Cat Resting seat safety mounted cat bed - Providing all around 360° sunbath and for cats weighted up to 30lbThe hammocks do make a cozier and warmer snoozing spot for the cats than a ledge or shelf, since the cats are partly burrowed into the hammock and their bodies are not resting on a hard surface. The hammocks come with directions and supplies to use velcro to hold it to the window sill, but with two or three cats sharing it, that does not hold with much repeated use, as two of our cats found out to their shock and dismay the day the hammock fell! So it is best to affix the frame to the windowsill with the screws supplied. Aside from being a comfy snoozing spot, the cats also use them to watch the world out the window. Replacement covers for the frame are available.
About the Kitty Cot
The Kitty Cot is a great design that's sure to thrill your Kitty Cat. The Kitty Cot is unlike most Cat Perches and attaches to your windows using PATENTED Giant Suction Cups, made in the USA. Each suction cup is rated to hold 15 pounds. The Kitty Cot measures 26" long from outside of suction cups x 14" wide. The frame is made of strong and durable plastic pipe. The hammock is made of tough weather-resistant fabric, an "easy clean" comfy material that your cats will love. Quickly take the Kitty Cot down for easy cleaning. The Kitty Cot will safely hold up to 30 pounds of Cat(s). The Kitty Cot can go anywhere on a window in your house and at any height. We recommend mounting on double pane windows and not single pane windows. The Kitty Cot works indoors and outdoors. Our design is so simple and easy that anyone can put it up and best of all, you need no tools to install it. Lay your cat's favorite blanket to make it even more bed-like and comfortable. Install next to an outside bird feeder or other action locations and your cat will be entertained for hours lying in a sunny place in our cat bed. The mental stimulation of your cat will keep he/she young and active for years. Great for older cats! Kittens are a hoot! They will dream of capturing the world!