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Now covered in bandages (including one wrapped around his bisected torso), Tom reads the twelfth chapter of the book, ", which makes him wind up a female toy mouse which repeatedly says "come up and see me some time". Jerry, noticing the toy, walks with it. Tom attempts to lure Jerry into a mouse-sized pretend hotel which is named "cozy arms", the door of which leads into Tom's open mouth. But to Tom's dismay, Jerry ushers the toy mouse into the hotel first, which causes Tom to eat it and breaking it (shattering his teeth in the process). After hiccuping twice (which triggers the swallowed toy's voicebox), Tom looks at his decrepit teeth in a mirror. This infuriates the cat as he shatters the mirror and angrily rips off and destroys the book.
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The Toy mouse is a clockwork item that players can wind up and release, whereupon it will move around on the floor. If the player can catch it before it stops moving, they will gain 3 experience. Despite being a members item, members used to be able to use it on a non-members server. However, this is no longer possible. New Random Color Electronic Wind Up Plush+Plastic Running Furry Rat Mouse Mice Toy Pet Cat Kitten Fun Toy For Pet1 x Cat Toy Wind Up Mousecat winding up a toy mouse
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While cats have idiosyncratic tastes, some general rules apply. For example, most prefer texture to sound, making a furry stuffed mouse more enticing than a rubber one that squeaks. Cats are also smart, and not easily fooled by mechanical prey. "The mechanical motion of a wind-up mouse is generally not so interesting to them for very long," says Marrow. What will remain appealing to most cats is any toy they can bat around, especially those that are textured (e.g., plush toys and balled-up cellophane). "Those leave a lot to their imagination," Marrow explains.Clip art picture of a wind up mouse cat toy. This royalty free clipart image of "a wind up mouse cat toy" is available by purchasing a low cost subscription.