Wicker cat tower tree with scratching post.

Sauder 44″ Sphere Scratch Post Cat Tree With A Wicker Sphere on Top.
Could use a wicker planter or basket, upside-down (Handmade jute and hyacinth cat basket atop 3 scratching posts. Product: Cat treeConstruction Material: Hyac...)
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Discuss My cats are scratching my wicker hamper on the - 'Cat Questions and Answers' forum of I-Love-Cats. We are the place for all talk about 'My cats are scratching my wicker hamper'. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good scratching post. I made a very sturdy one with a heavy base (so it can't tip over), about 4 1/2 feet ... May 10, 2017 - Cats love to scratch and wicker furniture is a tempting substitute for a scratching postCat WickerRattan WickerRattan FurnitureWicker AnimalsWicker BlogBasketcaseFurniture DesignersScratching PostChats Cats.Could use a wicker planter or basket, upside-down (Handmade jute and hyacinth cat basket atop 3 scratching posts
In order to satisfy these needs, you can provide your pet with an alternative source for satisfying his or her scratching needs, such as a scratching post or other cat furniture. When cats have a way to relieve their tension through scratching, they will be less focused on shredding wicker furniture.Cats have preferences as to what surfaces they scratch on. Most scratching posts and boards available in pet stores are not appealing to cats. The sides of most sofas are. Cats like textured surfaces, such as tapestry, heavy textured cotton, wicker, and berber. In addition, the visual scratch marks a cat makes after scratching encourages the cat to scratch there again. The more tattered and shredded the scratching post, the more inviting it is to the kitty!Take temptation out of the way. Try to structure your cat's environment so that the scratching post is the most accessible and attractive thing to scratch on. If you're committed to a lifetime of having cats, it's probably better to outfit your home with washable area rugs and hardwood floors than wall-to-wall deep-pile carpeting in every room. Likewise, furniture upholstered with textured weaves and wicker are almost certain to sustain scratching damage; if you know you'll always have cats, pick another decorating scheme.