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There are eight basic types of cat beds. These include mats, igloos/enclosed, heat/self-heated, wicker, luxury beds, nesting, pillow, and hammock. These all come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore your options.
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Wicker cat beds have been around for decades in the form of a basket with a soft cushion placed inside for comfort. These styles of beds may look nice, but they are difficult to clean and can pose a choking hazard if your cat chews off a piece and swallows it. wicker dog beds | Wicker Cat Dog Bed House - Prestige WickerSnoozer Luxury Wicker Cat Basket & Bed - Small - Cat Beds at Hayneedlewicker dog beds | Wicker Cat Dog Bed House - Prestige Wicker
If you are looking for a more traditional bed, then why not consider a wicker cat bed. Wicker cat beds are great for cats, they offer needed support, as well as comfort for size. A window cat bed is also great, and then your cat can lie lazily in the sun on its cat bed looking out the window. Windowsill cat beds take into consideration the cat’s curiosity.The old days or a simple wicker bed for your cat to sleep in are long gone. These days you can find very stylish wicker kitty beds that fit right into todays modern home designs.Find a cat bed or pad just right for your feline friend here at Elite Pet. Does your cat like to burrow into blankets, crawl inside cozy quarters, or snuggle into something incredibly soft? Then try one of our cat beds or throws! Find a nice selection of cat beds, including heated cat beds, catnip pads, hideaways, wicker cat beds, fleece furniture throws, fancy cat beds, and more.Traditional wicker is not only something that is natural, but it is also very long lasting. In addition to that, a wicker cat bed is also a lot easier to clean than most cat beds and they are rather pleasing to the eye when compared to some of the molded plastic styles on the market today. Believe it or not, wicker was actually the material of choice when it came to pet beds all throughout the early portion of the 20th century and possibly dated back even further.If you happen to be a pet owner that likes a product that is more natural, you may want to think of looking for wicker cat beds to provide a great place for your furry friends to relax and nap. Wicker basket style beds for cats have been used for many years and there are still many different styles that you can choose from on the market today. As a matter of fact, there are even whimsical igloo shaped wicker cat bed styles that you can bring into your home, which will also add a great spot where your cat will feel that they can use to hide. A wicker basket is the most traditional type of cat beds. You can put a blanket or pillow in it to make your pet comfortable. However, a wicker basket is harder to clean and easy to chew and scratch. That is why you can choose a plastic one and line it with soft fabric and cushions. This type of cat beds is generally not very expensive.There are a lot of different shapes and sizes that you can pick from in wicker cat beds, such as the igloo shape mentioned earlier, English style, oval, round, square, hooded, and even bunk beds if you happen to have multiple cats in your home. These beds all provide a solid and secure place for your cats to relax. Even if you are going with an igloo or enclosed shape, you will find that the wicker provides the perfect amount of airflow that will keep the space from becoming stale and stuffy for your pet.