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Why won't my cat eat??? I call it over to the bowl and it never does??
I free feed my cat dry food. I put food in her bowl and she will eat about the first half of it. Eventually she starts crying for more food even though there is still plenty in the bowl. As an experiment, I dumped out the remaining food, put in new food, and sure enough she starts eating, leaves half, and refuses to touch the remaining portion as if they are nasty leftovers. The food only sits there for like a day before she won't touch it. This is a brand new situation that I can't figure out. She has never before done this. Any suggestions?

Answer by Kate
Well what you describe is nothing new to me, in fact my own cat has spent her whole life doing this. Put fresh food in her bowl, she eats half, then asks for more. But if I pretend to put more in and just stir the remaining food around she will quite happily finish it off.

I have always put it down to either habit or cat fickleness. I think they like to feel as if they are getting more. I don't think it has anything to do with anything being wrong with the food.

Also as you know cats eat only really smelly food and i find that by stirring the food kind of revitalises the smell of the food. Dry food in particular can loose its smell quite quickly, that's why I only pour a little out of the box at a time.

I wouldn't worry about this recent occurrence with your cat, just put it down to either she may be finding it harder to smell her food so it has to be really fresh for her.

best wishes Kate
Q: Why does my cat like something one day and then won’t eat it the next?
I have a blue point siamese who drives me insane. I buy a box of food....he will devour the first couple cans of it. Or, this even happens when I am out of food and am giving him rotisserie chicken or something. He will eat it the first couple of times....and then...nothing! He won't eat!! He looks at it and runs back to me, tripping me every step I take..follows me all over the house...won't give up!!! Why?? He just devoured the food a couple days earlier? I know he likes it. But, as of this minute, this cat has not eaten today at all and it is 4:25 p.m., because he does not want his fancy feast cans that he was loving a few days ago.

I do not spoil this cat....I have two young sons and am a single mother...I am very very busy. I am not around petting and doting on this cat 24/7 like some. I would think when I finally get the moment to open some food and feed this cat, he would be appreciative that he at least HAS FOOD and would EAT it!!! My previous cat ate nothing but dry food and was ALWAYS happy to get it. I NEVER switched around brands and worried about whether or not she would eat. She ate the same thing every day!!!!!!

WHAT IS THE DEAL?????????????????????????/

HELP...I'm going to have to get rid of this obnoxious cat if I can't figure this out!


Answer by Kate
Hi well some cats are just more fussy eaters than others and siamese can be a little more fussy. Also it is a natural instinct to want different food from time to time, it stems from the fact that in the wild they can't rely on one food sorce in case it is not available. I know this sounds strange for a domestic cat but the instincts never leave them.

My own cat can be like that too. What I do is have several different flavours available in the house and I also mix dry and wet food togeather.

I know it can be frustrating but cats can be tricky little so and so's. I do have some pages here on this site about cat food issues for your information. They may help.

if you really feel that his behavor is getting you down then it may be better for both of you if you could find him another home.

I wish you and your family well and a happy new year.
Why won't my cat eat?Q: Why does my cat like something one day and then won't eat it the next?Jun 5, 2017 - 5 Reasons Why · Lifestyle Senior Cat Food Issues: My Cat Won't Eat, ..
My 12 year old cat has been at the vet for over a week. She wouldnt eat or drink. Has anemia. Red blood count was 2 when we took her in-should be 10. Put her on IV and force feeding her. After a week her blood count only up to 4. She still wont eat on her own. All blood work/tests came back normal. Vet called a blood specialist-nobody has a clue why she wont eat. Vet says sometimes elderly cats when they have gotten sick, just decide to not eat anymore. Vet says she just is not improving like she should and we may need to make a decision. Giving it a few more days to see. may bring her home for a day or so to see if that helps and to let her "tell" me what she wants. I really just dont know what to do.My 17 years old female persian cat, Frisky got sick after she had her annual vaccination on July 3rd. When I took her home from her annual vaccination, she wasn't feeling well and hasn't drink or eaten. I thought it could be from the vaccination. I waited for few more days to see if she can eat or drink. She hasn't eaten or drink for few days so I took her to the Vet on July 6th. The vet said she has anisocoria (unequal pupils in her eyes). She stayed at the hospital for few days for IV fluid therapy and tried taking Cyproheptadine medication increase her appetite. She still hasn't eating or drinking. I'm trying to ask my Vet to give her more tests. He didn't want to give her any tests and thinks nothing he can do. On that day, July 9th, I took her home. After I brought her home, I've noticed she walked like wobbly and had alot of fluid in her stomach and back legs. I wasn't too happy with the Vet anymore because he showed no concerned and he wouldn't do anything to help her. I transferred to a new Vet on July 12th, he seemed very nice. He was willing to give her alot of tests to investigate and trying to figure out why she doesn't eat or drink at all. I let my cat stayed at the hospital for few days so they can give her tests. They performed bloodtests, ultrasound, first and second radiograph and echocardiogram. On July 16th, I came to the vet to see how she is doing. He said he found out that she has anemia, congestive heart failure and kidney problems. He gave her Lasix oral and Benazepril oral medications. He was still trying to get her to eat many different kind of food. She's finally drinking alittle but still not eating at all! I took her home that day to see if she eats alittle. She still not eating, but drinking alittle. Few days later, I took her back to the vet so he can give her IV fluid. She stayed at the hospital over last weekend so the vet can try other appetite stimulants to see if she can eat again. No luck. Today, I went to the vet. I asked the vet about how to get her eating again and will she live? He said she is 17 years old, the medicines she's taking are not helping her, she's not getting any better and the vet thinks if she continues not eating until next week, she should put to sleep so she won't suffer of not eating. I was so upset and couldn't beleive what I hear. I know the vet is trying so hard to get her eating but it's so difficult. She doesn't look like she's dying. She seemed walking alittle, meowing sometimes and sleeps alot. It's so hard for me to make a decision to let her go sooner. I don't know what to do.