My latest is: Is there such a thing as "cat whistle", something

The Whistle pet tracker is an award-winning gps cat collar among the pet wearables. Simply attach the Whistle cat GPS to your cat’s collar and get your cat tracker online . This tracking device for cats sends email and text alerts whenever your cat leaves a predefined area, for example your garden or a wider area. Simply use the app and see your cat’s whereabouts on a map. With the , or if he wanders too far off. The Whistle pet tracker gps collar for cats is also the perfect solution for .
require you to train the cat that whistle means treat time or something.
▲ Welcome to most advanced cat whistle on Appstore

What you can do with this free application:
- stop your neighbor cat from barking!
- recall your cat!
- train your cat to do cool tricks!
- adjust your cat behavior!
- use it as anti cat repellent!
- shut your neighbor cat when he is barking!
- stop your cat from barking!
- annoy your friends!

How this works? Application generate frequencies ranging from 100 to 22000 hertz. Cats hear those sound very well, and those sounds are always the same. That makes it very easy to teach your cat new tricks. Proper tutorial will be implemented in future app update. Remember to not abuse your animals!!! Long exposure to any sound might damage hearing. And that might be a crime. Also don't use this app on puppies.

!!! If you want to use this Cat Whistle as neighbor cat silencer its best to use plug in speakers for stronger sound !!! I whistle for my cats, Jupiter usually shows up.. or she will talk back andwell now you can with the amazing cat whistle!finton the deaf white cat whistles through his nose and he's ready to show the world!!
To find out if you can use a Tagg GPS Plus on cats or other small pets, click . To find out if you can use a Whistle Activity Monitor on similar pets, click . Your cat probably already comes when called — only he comes to the call of the electric can opener or the ping of dry cat food hitting his bowl. It's just one step to go from that to coming to the call of your voice or to a whistle — whistles aren't just for !Some cats like to walk on and "play" pianos, while others come running when they hear a harmonica or whistle. Cats are quite vocal and can have a significant repertoire of sounds that may be accidentally mimicked when you sing and when certain notes are struck on various musical instruments. Some sounds may mimic mating or distress calls and even sounds of various prey that trigger the hunting instinct. Although you could just play a recording of the can opener, that would be inconvenient, so instead, decide how you will call your cat. Use something you don't otherwise say during the day. "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty" is a favorite, or you could use a whistle. Don't, however, simply use the cat's name. His name is just to get his attention; it should be followed by a cue to actually come. Everyone in the house should use the same way of calling.The Paw Tracker and Tractive our the top 2 GPS Pet Trackers picks for 2016. The seem to have the best customer service, and are USA based companies tend to be more responsive to issues that may arise after purchase. We found that Whistle has some negative reviews after they merged with Tagg. Some Tagg customers, who switched to the Whistle Application, were not able to get proper customer service. 12 Hour Sonic Weapon:
For more Horrible No-Good Noises:

Here we have a very high pitched cat and dog whistle noise which shrieks for 1 hour. Also doubles as a great kid irritation device. As people age they often can't hear very high pitched sounds anymore, but kids can usually hear them distinctly. This one sounds a lot like tinnitus to me and I find that it gives me a headache if I play it too loudly for too long.