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You are not the only one to have seizures happen to your cat. My cat only ate Whiskas dry catfood and would not eat anything else. She started having seizures when she was six. The seizures grew more frequent as she aged. Her pupils would dialate and she would become rigid. Her body would also give off a weird chemical stench. We put her down at the age of 14 when she had an ongong seizure. By the time we got her to the vet she had 12 seizures and the vet told us that she was blind. DO NOT feed your cat this food. It will KILL your beloved pet.
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I have struggled with finding ANYTHING that my cat will eat after some STILL unexplained foam vomiting and nausea (and three mortgage payments worth of vet & emergency services). He did not respond AT ALL to Cerenia; he still appeared nauseous at the smell of baby food or any type of canned food. After four days of hardly eating/drinking at all, he is finally drinking water again, eating lunchmeat, and now Whiskas Temptations Catnip, Cheese, and Chicken flavor. Sorry to hear of everyone else’s trouble with Whiskas, but this “treat,” that can apparently be used as regular food as necessary, is helping me to transition him back to eating again. He’s a Purina One Hairball Formula type of guy, but he had NO interest in his regular diet until I started mixing in some treats. This is the only dry treat or food that he has wanted to try. Thumbs up to Whiskas Temptations. Whiskas Cat Food Company ProfileWhiskas Cat Food Company ProfileHow do I know I can trust these reviews about Whiskas Cat Food?
We have 2 indoor cats and have been feeding them the same high end cat food purchased from pet specialty stores without incidents; however, we occasionally have purchased Whiskas Temptations and we realize that when we do, these treats are making our cats sick. This last round: We just purchased and opened a new large container of the blue version and the cats go insane for these treats, but next thing you know, the vomiting started. When they do not eat the treats, there is no vomiting so we are positive it is something in these treats. They NEED to be analyzed to find out what is in them causing these serious issues?? We are done feeding these treats to our cats but will keep container as we are positive that once investigated properly, truth will come out.Now I live on my own and own my own cat. After trying various foods, we have found the once again Whiskas is the perfect food for him. We were buying another brand for most of his life, until he started losing weight at an alarming rate. Once we switched him to Whiskas dry cat food he gained his weight back and remains at a healthy weight with shiny soft fur. I've read a lot of reviews on here linking Whiskas to the death of their cats, but I can't say I personally believe Whiskas cat food is at fault. Both cats, aged 18 years and 2 years old are healthy and strong and they enjoy their Whiskas diet. Wouldn't change it.My cat is 9 years old. She never had any treats of any kind (she wasn't interested) until about 2.5 years ago. I gave her Temptations and she has begged for them ever since. For the past few weeks, whenever I give her a few of them, she pukes. When I started suspecting it was due to the treats, I started paying close attention to it and even if I give her just one, she makes that "I am going to puke" noise...that kitty gag sound. She is fine when she eats her regular cat food. Now after reading all these comments I am scared that she may be permanently damaged by this! Is there nothing we can do to get these things off the shelves? This is unbelievable. I will be pursuing this further. Whiskas if you hurt my cat there WILL be repercussions!I always buy my Bengal cat top quality cat food and treats. Only made in the USA with no anomaly by product or chemicals. For some unknown reason I bought him Whiskas Temptations Salmon flavor treats from Ralph's. I gave him 4 pieces. He was hesitant but he ate them. In less then 10 minutes he threw them up and continued to throw up for 1 hour. He is now lethargic and falling asleep. If he dies I will kill this company. Horrible.