Whiskas Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food -Chicken-6 lb

WHISKAS MEATY SELECTIONS Dry Food for Cats, Chicken Turkey Flavor - 15lb bag
The whiskas dry formula is new and the cat treats were the actual food that was sold as dry cat food for several years. So what they have done is repackaged the dry food as snacks and came up with some lame formula that my cat hates. This has happened over the last year and I guess the takeover is complete. It's too bad for my kitty because he knows the treats are the food that I used to get in fifteen pound bags for my kitty's but I guess it's just another way of squeezing more profit from inferior product and more profit from the better ones. So this food advertised as treats was in fact the food our cats were eating and now the only way to buy it is in smaller more expensive packs.
Whiskas Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food -Chicken-15 lb
Whiskas Dry 1 Tuna Cat Food 3 8kg Whiskas Dry 1 Tuna Cat Food is a nutritionally complete and balanced food designed to suit the needs of adult cats. Whiskas Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food, 6 lbs.Whiskas Dry Food Chicken and Turkey Flavors Dry Cat Food 3 Pounds - 4 PackWHISKAS MEATY SELECTIONS Dry Food for Cats, Chicken & Turkey Flavor - 15lb bag (Pack of 1)
Yes, our WHISKAS® Dry Cat Food has been formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. However, we have recently added a kitten formula to our dry line. WHISKAS® Dry Food For Kittens is specially formulated to deliver great taste and 100% complete and balanced nutrition for all growth, gestation and lactation.We recommend storing all of our WHISKAS® Cat Food products in a cool dry place, not subject to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Our dry products should not be stored in areas of humidity (washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.) or near odorous materials (detergent, fertilizer, etc.). If possible, store our dry products in a plastic container (keep the product in the bag with top folded closed for best storage).While our WHISKAS® TEMPTATIONS® Cat Treats are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for growth and maintenance we recommend feeding them one of our WHISKAS® Dry Cat Food products as their main meal.My cat has been eating the original Whiskas dry food chicken & turkey flavor with crunchy meaty nuggets for over 7 years & now they have changed the formula to some hard little...Now I live on my own and own my own cat. After trying various foods, we have found the once again Whiskas is the perfect food for him. We were buying another brand for most of his life, until he started losing weight at an alarming rate. Once we switched him to Whiskas dry cat food he gained his weight back and remains at a healthy weight with shiny soft fur. I've read a lot of reviews on here linking Whiskas to the death of their cats, but I can't say I personally believe Whiskas cat food is at fault. Both cats, aged 18 years and 2 years old are healthy and strong and they enjoy their Whiskas diet. Wouldn't change it.The shelter where we got our kitten sent us home with Science Diet dry cat food. I understand that Science Diet donates food to shelters, and I applaud them for that, but my kitten simply would not eat it.

Then I was told that I should try to give my kitten both dry and wet food because the wet food would help assure she was getting enough water, and these canned foods do contain water.

Whiskas Grilled Cuts with Tuna was purchased for 50 cents, which is a middle of the road price for cat food. Little Friskies is cheaper and Fancy Feast is slightly higher. It comes in a 3.5 ounce container with a foil lid. This cat food consists of small chunks of food in a sauce.

Our vet has always told me that when shopping for pet food to read the ingredients and try to choose brands that list real meat as the first few ingredients. This brand wasn't too bad. It lists water, chicken liver, meat by-products, chicken, chicken-by-products, and tuna. It also contains dried yams and is fortified with multiple vitamins.

My kitten loves this cat food. The texture is great for a kitten, and the sauce doesn't get into her long fur. So far this has met our needs, she likes it and it isn't emptying my wallet.

Quality of Ingredients
I feel the ingredients are fairly good, based on what my vet told me to look for

Flavor Selection
Fairly good variety of flavors available