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Available in some exquisite flavors, this wellness core dry cat food is one of the best things you can buy for your cats. The quality taste and no compromise with quality principal makes these products highly appreciated among masses. Wellness cat food reviews are going to help you make wise decisions for a brighter future of your cat.
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I thought I had previously submitted a commnet but could not find it 🙂 I wanted to know your take on the Wellness Canned food- it is the basic one not core, healthy cuts etc. I have been feeding it to my cats for some time…I did see your review on the Nulo and switched them to that dry which they seem to like. I had them on the Castor & Pullnix Organix for a long time but could not find info on it.
I do see Nulo has some canned that is basically the same flavors as the Wellness. I think the ingredient I find concerning is the carageen. I dont see this in the Nulo wet so I am giving it a try.
Please let me know your take on Wellness wet food
Thank you! Wellness Grain-Free CORE Canned Cat Food - Only Natural PetWellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Cat Food - Only Natural PetWellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, at Only Natural Pet Store, ..