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Apr 8, 2017 - Wellness Complete Health Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food, Chicken Pate Review
This wellness complete healthy natural dry cat food has already got more reviews from customers. The pet owners find it more useful for their cat and they start to use it without any fix. Many of them have already gave positive reviews. They said, their pet easily like it and love to eat this because of it’s taste, deliciousness and benefits.
Oct 31, 2016 - This wellness complete healthy natural dry cat food has already got more reviews from customers
We bought a bag of Wellness Complete Health with Salmon and Turkey. The bag says it has a “Triple Cranberry System” so we figured it would be good for our cat who has a UTI presently. Your review does not mention if this food is good for bladder health. Please advise? Thank you! :o) canned food twice a day and an evening snack of Wellness complete dry.Buy Wellness Indoor Health Dry Cat Food for only $13.97 at Pet Food Direct, Pet Food DirectIt's every cat's dream come true with Beef and Chicken Formula Canned Cat Food from Wellness
Lorena, Thanks for your excellent reviews on dry cat food. I had 5 rescue kittens that I weaned from their feral mama around 4 weeks of age. I started feeding them frisks pate which was recommended by a local rescue organization to help trap them. Once they were seen by a vet, they were all diagnosed with ring worm and put on a diet of hills ideal balance dry food supplemented with vita flora powder packets for 3 months. As they were originally used to the pate/ wet food, I began adding water to the dry food and supplement to get them to eat it. The two I have kept have been on that type of a diet since then. They get fairly moistened kibbles in the AM and PM and about a quarter cup of water with just about 10 kibbles in the afternoon or more when it is hot. I have recently purchased wellness complete health food and wondered if I could just continue this regime with it. Nowhere do I ever see anyone suggest wetting the kibbles but always recommend giving plenty of water or adding wet food throughout the week. I was just wondering why that has never been an option. Do you think there is any issue with doing this? Thanks for your thoughts on this.