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Another 5-star cat food that's quite popular is , with its high quality proteins and vegetable mix, grain-free, and primarily protein varieties in wet and dry food. No matter how fussy your cat is, you will find something in the Wellness line of cat foods that he really likes.
Wellness TruFood Chicken, Chickpeas & Chicken Liver Indoor Adult Cat Food, 2 lbs. SKU: 2403532. Brand: Wellness. Price: $14.99 $10.19save 32%.
Wellness CORE Air Dried Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food is healthy, grain free cat food for adult cats featuring tender protein morsels made with 70% natural, raw protein fortified with vitamins and minerals for whole body health and then air dried for the taste of raw and the ease and convenience of kibble, yet no refrigeration required. Wellness CORE grain free cat food formulas are based on the nutritional philosophy that cats thrive on a diet mainly comprised of meat. Each grain free, nutrient-rich formula provides high quality protein for your cat. Wellness CORE Air Dried Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Indoor Recipe, 2-Pound Bag. SKU: 2414670. Brand: Wellness. Price: $29.99 $26.98save 10%.You are in: Cat / Food / Wet Food. Complete Health Natural Grain Free Chicken Pate Wet Canned Cat Food. Wellness. List: $36.99. Your Price: $27.99.Wellness CORE Air Dried Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Original Recipe, 2-Pound Bag. SKU: 2414688. Brand: Wellness. Price: $29.99 $27.52save 8%.
The best cheap cat foods contain a good balance and mix of inputs, but typically less real meat and more fillers and additives than show up in the priciest cat food. Raw food enthusiasts rave about Stella & Chewy's, a freeze-dried product made of ground meat or fish and no hormones or antibiotics, grains or fillers, artificial preservatives or coloring -- but a 12-ounce bag of chicken dinner will set you back at least $20. In between the familiar cheap cat food brands -- Friskies, Meow Mix, Purina, 9Lives -- that line supermarket shelves and the upper tier cat food brands are others such as Iams, Hill's, Eukanuba, and Wellness.I usually buy two cases of 5.5 ounce canned food per every other month, and I try to mix it up and give the cats something new and in different flavors every month. My conditions for trying a canned food is that it needs to be grain-free, it needs to have the first 3 ingredients meat-based, preferably the first 4 ingredients meat-based, it needs to have minimal weird vegetables, it needs to come in 5.5 ounce cans (because I divide one cat between obese 3 cats), and it needs to be from a company that I can trust to be safe and not have constant recalls. That being said, Pet Food Direct is really good at having really good quality canned foods on sale, and I often hit the sale area and choose from that based on my above criteria. Here's the thing, I have gotten cases of cat food that cost half this costs, and that they would eat FIVE TIMES BETTER. While my cats WILL EAT this, they look disappointed every single time I choose a can of this over the can of anything else. I believe it is not so much the flavor they dislike, but the texture. This food is VERY FIRM and has NO BROTH. I did successfully mix in some warm water a few times (that requires a mixing bowl and a lot of patience, as it's too thick to do in the can - think of mashing undercooked potatoes, it's that hard), but the cats are not so easy to fool, and they know that I'm mixing in water, and that leaves them less than impressed with me. All in all, I recall this is not my first Wellness purchase, and I thought I recalled they didn't like the other time I tried it either, although I do not recall what flavor that was, as it was a long time ago. For the price, I will not be purchasing any Wellness brand food ever again, unless they make serious changes to their formulas - my cats don't like it. They wouldn't rather starve, but they really are not impressed - at all.