Thermostatically controlled design offers warmth only where pet lies

Energy efficient technology doesn't heat the entire surface of the bed
A cat heating pad is a small, padded device that your pet cat can rest on and which provides warmth. These pads are comfortable for cats of all ages and at all times of year, but most pets will especially enjoy them when it is cold outside. Older cats also tend to spend more time on their heating pads as compared with younger cats. There are a number of reasons why getting a heating pad for your cat may help to make him more comfortable and to ease discomfort that he feels as a result of arthritis, bone and joint issues, and other medical conditions as well.
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If for some reason your cat likes to eat weird objects, he may decide that the warming pad would make a good snack. Because warming pads can have fabric along with wires and plastic, this could lead to intestinal blockage. If you notice that your cat has eaten part of the warming pad, take her to the vet immediately. The vet will be able to X-ray the cat's stomach to determine if there are any problems. If there is intestinal blockage, your cat will need surgery that could be expensive and risky. Without treatment, your cat could die. Never take any chances when your pet has eaten strange objects. Get her to the vet immediately. Self Heating Pet Pads for indoor or outdoor dogs and cats that will keep them warm and cozy in all environments, plus they're inexpensive .Simply microwave until soft and insert the heated pad under your cat bed coverHeated Cat Beds, Heating Pads & Outdoor Heated Cat Beds | Petco
Keeping dogs and cats safe and warm during winter months can be difficult in certain circumstances, especially if you are trying to keep the heat in your house low to save on energy costs, or you have an outdoor pet who needs a way to stay warm. A lot of people turn to electric blankets and mats that are intended to be used on humans to keep their pet warm. Standard heating pads that are designed for use by adults can be quite dangerous for pets to use for a variety of reasons. Luckily there are a lot of electric pet heating pads that are designed specifically for your cat or dog, that are inexpensive, work really well and do wonders keeping your pets warm. The following brands and products are the safest and best options if you are looking for a heating pad for your cat or dog.We use these homemade heating pads to help our dogs and cats keep warm after spay/neuter surgery. You can help us by making & donating them to our shelter. For more in-dept instructions, If you are worried about using an electric product to keep your pet warm, a great option for cats and smaller dogs is the VERY popular . It has been around for quite a while now (16 years), is very easy to use and your pet will love it. It is pretty small, around the size of a plate, so it works best for smaller animals. You just put it in the microwave for a few minutes and it will provide up to 10 hours of heat for your pet. What is great about these heating pads is that you can use them at home or take them if you are traveling somewhere that your pet may get cold. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about any kind of safety hazard that may come about from using an electric pad (wires!). Snuggly Safe beds are used widely by vets, breeders, and rescue centers. If you have a pet who loves to chew stuff, this isn’t the right product for you, since you aren’t supposed to let your pets chew it. They are made by a and imported to the States by .Hi Tammy, I have been using those heating pads for a few years now without a problem for the same cats. They do not seem to get too warm. You can test the heat and see how they work for yourself by placing a heavy book on the heating pad – they are weight-activated. Thank you for caring for the cats!When your cats get up off of the heated pads in the winter, do they get cold because of where they were lying on the pad and got really warm? How do I know that the pad won’t to be hot for my cat to lay in? People are not susposed to lay on hearing pad long so would it be okay for my cat to lay on? Thanks for your help.Protect your outdoor cat from the elements during the long winter. K&H premium heated pads, beds, and houses keep cats warm and comfortable while our heated food and water bowls prevent frozen drinking water.