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Each boarding pet is treated like one of our own at Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic. The cat boarding area has a cat climbing 'tree', with various perches and scratching areas. The cat boarding area is set up with cages that allow your cat to look out a large picture window with a birdfeeder. All cats are fed each morning and evening with Waltham cat food.
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The Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) has adopted many of the AAFCO conventions in labelling and regulating the pet food industry. The Waltham Book of Cat and Dog Nutrition warns that the AAFCO protocols are . I have no information about pet food regulatory bodies in other countries. Best Cat Food Natural Life in Waltham, MA - Justdial USWaltham is a pet food manufacturer that has done a lot of research on cat nutrition and feedingAll cats are fed each morning and evening with Waltham cat food.
What is in pet food and how it is manufactured is easily found via news reports, animal welfare society reports, vet conferences and reports from pet food manufacturers themselves. I originally studied this topic for a University term paper as an adult student in the late 1980s and grossed out the lecturer! This is an expansion of that term paper. The Waltham Book of DOg and Cat Nutrition proved an invaluable source of information.Note: "The Waltham Book of Cat and Dog Nutrition", Chapter 4 is an excellent resource on the manufacturer and constituents of cat food. "The Food Scandal" is an excellent resource on rendering and reclamation of meat from carcasses.American pet food nutritional standards are set by the National Research Council (NRC) of the Academy of Sciences. The standards were based on purified diets and required feeding trials for pet foods claimed to be "complete" and "balanced." The pet food industry found the feeding trials too restrictive and expensive, so AAFCO designed a procedure permitting nutritional claims based by chemically analysing the food for compliance with "Nutrient Profiles." Chemical analysis addresses content, but not palatability, digestibility or biological availability of the nutrients. A cat food can therefore be labelled nutritionally complete even if the cat's digestive system cannot extract those nutrients. AAFCO compensated by adding a "safety factor" so that foods contain more than the NRC recommended amount. In the UK, Waltham (Whiskas) also use an amount which compensates for possible losses. Overnutrition, however, is equally dangerous (e.g. hypervitaminosis).A 1-year-old cat named Gingerbread was located by Animal Control officer Deanna Gualtieri on Friday after she received a tip from a resident who found the animal. Gingerbread was locked inside a plastic and metal cat carrier without food or water next to a dumpster in the back of a Waltham residence, according to the statement.Even though the ingredients may state: "Beef, rice, cornmeal, beet pulp" in that order, the total amount of the 3 listed vegetable ingredients may be greater than the amount of the single listed meat ingredient! The following list gives common pet food and meat industry labelling terms (available from AAFCO (US) and PFMA and Waltham (UK)). I have tried to indicate which country the term applies to since food regulations, terms and definitions differ from country to country. The description indicates the of content, but not the of the content. The definitions of meat by-products, poultry by-products and poultry by-products are taken from AAFCO industry-standard definitions and are minimum standards; manufacturers of good quality brands will exceed these standards.In my opinion, what was important in this outcome wasn’t the urinary acidifying feature of Waltham’s formula — it was how much better the canned food-fed cats fared than the poor kitties fed the dry formulation of the same food.