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Once you have chosen a diet that was developed using feeding trials and that is ideal for your cat’s life stage and lifestyle, there are some supplements that you can consider adding based on the particular health needs of your cat. You should always first discuss with your veterinarian any supplements that you are considering giving to your cat. This will ensure there are no complications or health concerns with other medications you are giving or medical conditions your cat has. If you choose a multi-vitamin or specific single nutrient, please be aware that adding these to a complete and balanced cat food could combine with the nutrients already in the food and create toxicity.
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…with vitamin D, are essential to maintaining bone density and supporting bone development during periods of rapid growth. Pet-Cal provides a supplemental source of these nutrients to promote healthy bones in growing pets, active adults, and aging pets. For dogs and cats. Directions for Use: Dogs… The need for and supplementation of vitamins in cats.Vitamins and Dietary Supplements for Cats? - CatsterSupplements and Vitamins for Cats and Dogs | PetCareRx
Nutrition supplements for cats help promote an overall healthy pet. Everything related to your cat's health can be helped by ensuring that his diet is well balanced and contains all of the vitamins and minerals he needs.This well balanced feline supplement is probably the easiest to get your cat to take. Pour your cat's food in her bowl, mix in a little of the paste and let your cat eat her dinner. It's that easy. High in crude proteins, fats and fiber and containing recommended allowances of vitamins A and E, along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this formula has everything your cat needs for a healthy coat, digestive system and immune system.Your cat's normal diet of heavily processed foods robs him of many of the nutrients he needs. Certain amino acids are only available in animal products. Cats can only synthesize beta carotene from animal sources, as well as vitamin E. The Missing Link Feline Formula is a supplement that bridges the gap between what your cat gets and what he needs. Feline Formula has nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, amino acids and omega-6, along with other nutrients.The diet of most house cats is seriously lacking in certain vitamin and nutrient groups. Nutritional supplements for cats are there to help your pet get what she needs.Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat-soluble vitamins. These vitamins are deposited in the fat tissues of the cat. If taken in excess, the fat-soluble vitamins may poison your pet. Always talk to your vet before giving your pet fat-soluble vitamins. However, vitamin A is always recommended as a supplement, because the cat's body cannot process the beta-carotene into vitamin A. A lack of vitamin A can cause skin and coat problems or night blindness. Cats require certain enzymes and amino acids that can only be found in meat sources. For this reason, cats that do not eat meat will not be healthy and, ultimately, will not survive. Thus, many of the multi-vitamin supplements that are available for cats focus on some of these types of nutrients which are usually found in meat sources. These include:Calcium is a substance that is highly recommended for pregnant and lactating cats. Calcium helps producing the kitten milk. However, a diet rich in calcium is good for your cat's overall health. Calcium is present in milk, eggs or bones, but may be administered through vitamin supplements. Not all kitty owners believe that they have to get cat vitamins and supplements for their pets. Some prefer to leave their cat’s nutrition to premium cat foods that their vet recommends. Of course, there are still others who believe that giving supplements to their pets means a little more care for their furry friends. However, there are certain times that these supplements are really needed to keep your pet healthy and playful.