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Adopt-A-Pet is a no-kill pet orphanage and adoption service located in Victoria, Texas
“Because they all deserve a second chance!!” Crossroads Veterinary Clinic is actively involved with several pet adoption agencies to help them accomplish their missions of saving lives and educating the public about spaying and neutering. Services offered include Veterinary consultation, low cost spays and neuters, vaccinations, medical and surgical treatments. We have teamed up with several adoption groups including: DOCPAC, Adopt-a-Pet, City of Victoria Animal Control, Scurvy Dog Rescue, PAWS, Goliad Pet Adoption, etc. Join us to help educate the public and save lives!!
Meet Victoria, a cat for adoption
Victoria, my cat sticks out his tongue too! He also has black freckles in his mouth on his gums so it is quite strange! My last 4 cats were adopted and I think it is the right thing to do. There are just too many animals in need out there. I find that older cats (that are fixed!) grow on you quickly. This is a very useful Hub and I am voting up and SHARING! Tips on Adopting an Older Cat by Victoria Lynn.Adopt A Cat - Cat Protection Society of VictoriaAdoption is the Only Option - Cat Protection Society of Victoria
Congratulations on the decision to adopt! In the Greater Victoria Area, there are many organizations that work to find homes for the abandoned, strayed or rescued cats and dogs (and occasional bunny) of our area. The members of the organizations are usually volunteers with big hearts, so please be patient as you contact them; they have many demands on their hands and often responsibilities outside of the charity work as well.Victor is an 11-month-old black cat who loves to chase wand toys and nibble on kitty treats! He was rescued from the streets of Salinas as a youngster, and was raised in foster care with other cats and a small dog. Victor is a shy guy and is looking for a patient and loving adopter that will give him time to gain confidence in a new home. Give him a chance and you'll have a loyal little friend! Meet Victor at the AFRP Adoption Center in Pacific Grove.Victoria TNR has tame, healthy kittens available for adoption, too! We are the only organization in the area who rescues unweaned kittens, older kittens and cats in distress. Check out of available pets today!This beautiful cat Victoria and her daughter Ashley wete rescued by Cat Adoption Team but found to be FIV+. They need to go to a private home as only cats and indoor-only, or to a FIV+ Rescue or Sanctuary. Please share! Thank you!We are a non-profit rescue group dedicated to helping rescued Chihuahuas find loving forever homes. On this site, you will find: stories and photos of rescued Chihuahuas; information about Chihuahuas; newsletters from Chihuahua Rescue Victoria; and plenty of information on Chihuahuas we currently have for adoption.Neko HQ will be the first adoption centre of its kind in Victoria. No cages, just spaces for cats and kittens to be the most curious, cutest and engaging creatures that they are, where you can be a part of their world and find your purrfect match.