Only Natural Pet Venison Lung Dog and Cat Treats 4 oz

Good Cat Treats Fish and Venison - 3 oz  You can get additional details at the image link.
All Natural Real Meat Healthy Gourmet Cat Treats. These Chicken & Venison Jerkey Treats are 95% Chicken & Venison. No Fillers. Guaranteed to please the palate of all discerning cats and kittens. Real Meat Treats uses only the finest free range, farm raised, natural Chicken & Venison.
Only Natural Pet Venison Liver Dog and Cat Treats 4 oz
I absolutely love Ziwi Peak, as do my dogs! Originally, I fed raw. My dogs did awesome on it, but it was SO time consuming balancing meals, and wasn't easy for Hubby to feed when I wasn't able to. I started out using Ziwi Peak as training treats--raw meat gets messy! My picky dogs consider Ziwi Peak a super high-value treat! But then, I decided to take the plunge and switch completely to Ziwi Peak, and my pack has never looked better! I LOVE that it's as close to fresh meat as you can get, without actually having to deal with the mess of raw. I LOVE that it's super easy and convenient at mealtime! And most of all, I LOVE knowing that I'm feeding my pets a complete and balanced meal, with fresh, healthy ingredients, and nothing they *don't* need. I'm also considering putting my elderly, picky cat, Tig Tig, on Ziwi Peak...I expect she will blossom Real Meat Venison Cat Treats - All Natural & Grain Free -Real Meat 95% Venison Jerky Treats for Cats – Healthy Gourmet Cat & Kitten TreatsReal Meat Chicken & Venison Cat Treats - Pet Stuff ..
Certain cat foods and cat treats will contain venison as one of their ingredients. An allergy to venison can occur if your cat’s immune system overreacts in response to his ingesting venison. During the excessive immune response, a histamine will be released, which will lead to the symptoms your cat experiences. The allergy will often present as an uncomfortable skin reaction where your cat is very itchy and his skin is red and inflamed. The ongoing scratching and picking at his skin can cause secondary skin wounds and ultimately a bacterial infection.Real Fish & Venison Jerkey Cat Treats use only the finest free range, farm-raised, natural beef. These cat treats are gently air dried to maintain the natural benefits of meat, Omega 3, Vitamin B, and Taurine. Chicory root, along with several other natural ingredients, are added to keep these treats soft and scrumptious for your cat!Your cat deserves the absolute best in cat treats! Real Meat Fish & Venison Cat Jerky Treats provide your feline friend with a pure, tasty treat that's good for cats too!…of Only Natural Pet HealthTreats Venison Jerky Bites! These bits of goodness are made with 95% New Zealand venison and you wont find a single grain, only the natural deliciousness that your cat or dog deserve. So let your pet snack guilt-free with Only Natural Pet HealthTreats Venison Jerky Bites.Can be both a chew and a treat. If your Cat is crazy about Venison then they will be crazy about this treat!
This treat is All-Natural:
Grain Free
No Added Hormones
No Antibiotics
No Fillers
No Coloring
SoJos Natural Cat Raw Freeze Dried Venison Liver Treats | 1oz bag

Nothing satisfies a kitty’s inner cougar like the wickedly wild goodness of meat. And it’s all the better knowing every delicious bite is gently freeze-dried to lock in all the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals. All 100% raw, freeze-dried meat.

No artificial preservatives
No artificial flavors or colors
Made with natural, USDA-certified meat