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(This is for the plans only, Ultimate Cat Tower is a product you build from the plans.)
As you know, cat towers sold at the local pet store are made from cardboard tubes and the cheapest carpets imaginable. It’s all about shipping weight and keeping the tower light. The Ultimate Cat Tower is made from real wood, with high quality components. It will last your kitties a lifetime and they’ll have lots of fun using it.
The ultimate Cat Tower.
Sumtimes you run acrost stuff on the innernets that make you sit up and say “I wish I’d thot of that!” And this is one of those times. Some cat by the name of Doug Savage made this blooprint (wich for sum reezin is NOT bloo) of the ultimate cat tower wich also looks like […] The ultimate cat tower!!And now you have your very own Ultimate Cat Tower (again, also called the Kitty Rocket Tower) for your cat’s to enjoy for ages to come!ultimate cat tower plans Archives - The Geek Pub
The Ultimate Cat Tower Plans, also known as the Kitty Rocket Tower, is a design and creation by David Murray (The 8-Bit Guy). David designed this ultimate cat tower as a way to show his appreciation to his cats by making them a tower that would last forever.David over at The 8-Bit Guy decided to take matters into his own hands and design and develop his how Ultimate Cat Tower. He calls it The Kitty Rocket Tower, and he even made plans for it that you can use to make your own ultimate cat tower.The Ultimate Cat Tower plans include a jpg version of the plans with dimensions, as well the original Sketchup file that you can use to modify the kitty rocket tower to look or function any way you like!The last thing you’ll want to do is paint your Ultimate Cat Tower with an oil based paint, and then wrap the legs with rope for your awesome little kitties to scratch on!The Ultimate Cat Tower, or Kitty Rocket Tower if you prefer, is pretty simple to build. While in the video David uses The Geek Pub’s shop to make this cat tower, you can most certainly make it with nothing but a handsaw and screwdriver.