Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy - I only have 1 set for my cats..

Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy - I only have 1 set for my cats... but, I will be buying more!
**I am willing to do almost anything for my pets. I sometimes treat them better than I do myself and other humans in my life. I share secrets with them that no one else knows about and I adore them more than anything I will ever know. So it is no surprise that I would be willing to purchase such an expensive toy for my 5 cuties. The one complaint about this product is the fact that it is pricey. Other than that the Turbo track is a very unique and genuine gift to give to your kitties. My youngest cat of 5 years especially loves this toy. He will literally play with it for hours on end. My eldest cats, at 11 and 14 do not care for it as much but every once in a great while I see them sneeking up to it and play a little. It's fun to see how much my kitties are having a blast with this toy. Esepically because of the price I had to pay for it. I would hope they would appreciate that. Thanks!**
Bergan Turbo Track for Cats
Fairy Princess and Buddha love playing with this fun cat toy. Please subscribe

The Bergan Turbo Track is available from Petco. You can get more than one and add together to form a really big track too!

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... Product - Bergan Turbo Track for CatsCats Turbo Track ball chase for Daisy Duke - YouTubeBergan Turbo track seems to be an obsession for most cats
Bergan Turbo Track 5-in-1 Cat Toy The Bergan Turbo Track is a track with a ball in it. What makes it different? You can arrange it into any configuration you want! Or better yet, you can keep your cat from getting bored with the same old thing by changing it up every now and then. Each piece twist-locks together with any other piece, making the possibilities endless. If you have multiple cats and plenty of space, you can even buy more than one set and transform it from a track to a highway that keeps your cats entertained for hours and encourages exercise for a happier, healthier feline. Here's the link: Rounded Cat Lounger/Scratcher The unique design of this comfortable lounger features perfect symmetry and balance to offer your pet a delightful place to rest as well as the perfect place to stretch and sharpen its claws. The contours of the bed provide a warm cradle for our cat to nap in, while its texture provides an enticing scratching surface that makes it simply irresistible. This sweet lounge offers your cat a true modern furniture piece to call their own. The materials are naturally attractive to both cats and their human counterparts. All natural materials, 35% minimum recycled content creates a healthier lifestyle for your pet, you and the environment. The adhesive is also non-toxic. Heavy weight inner-corrugate creates a durable scratching surface. Here's the link: I was looking for something to entertain my cats during the day while I wasn't at home and when I came across the Bergan Turbo Track it was exactly what I was looking for. With this set you get several different pieces (2 hill pieces, 6 curve pieces, 1 straight piece) and a ball so that you can set it up in different ways. That way if your cat starts to lose interest in the Turbo Track you can take it apart and change it around. Not to mention you can also buy other Bergan Track sets and make a giant toy for your cat to play with. It kind of like a HotWheels set but for cats.

My cats love their Bergan Turbo Track and play with it all the time. I'm really considering going out to buy them another set to make their's bigger. My only complaint with the Bergan Turbo Track is that it can be a little loud, especially at night while your trying to sleep, although it might just be my cats playing to rough with it. I would highly recommend this toy to any cat owner.The Turbo Track is affordable at just over $15 from . It’s a really good investment and my cats don’t seem to be getting bored with it, because I notice them batting the ball around throughout the day, every day.Day 10: Say hello to the Bergan Turbo Track, a customizable toy that keeps cats guessing. A great way for your cat to get some indoor exercise this winter, the Turbo Track twist-locks so you can change or extend the original design. Bergan also has optional scratch pads that can be added to your design.