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Tumil-K is prescription potassium gluconate used as an oral supplement for ..
TUMIL-K® (potassium gluconate) Gel, TUMIL-K Powder and TUMIL-K Tablets support the health of the kidneys in cats and dogs. TUMIL-K Tablets are recommended for use as a supplement in cats and dogs with potassium deficiency.
Generic to Tumil K. RenaPlus - potassium gluconate for use as a supplement in potassium-deficient states in cats and dogs. Available in powder, tablets or gel for easy administration.
"The most common cause of hypokalemia (low potassium) is chronic kidney disease, although cats that have otherailments such as diabetes mellitus, liver disease and lower urinary tract disease may suffer from potassium depletionas well. Cats that are fed a special diet or given a supplement to acidify their urine may be subject to potassium loss".. Potassium gluconate (TUMIL-K) is available inpalatable powder, tablet or gel form. Tumil-KCaplets® (Daniels); (Rx) Approved for use in dogs and cats. Tumil-K Gel® (Daniels) (Rx) 5 oz/tube. Human-Approved Products: Not a complete list.Treat potassium deficiencies with Tumil-K Tumil-K Gel, 5 oz Tube is a nutritional supplement designed to provide potassium for dogs and catsTumil-K (Potassium Gluconate) for Dogs and Cats - Pet Rescue Rx.
Dosage: The suggested dose of TUMIL-K® Potassium Supplement for adult cats and dogs is one caplet, 1/4 level teaspoonful (0.65g) of Powder OR 1/2 teaspoonful (468mg) of gel per 10 lbs. (4.5kg) body weight twice daily. Dosage may be adjusted to satisfy patient's need.Feeding a diet low in protein and low in phosphorus can keep the level of waste products in the blood stream at a minimum. Changing to an appropriate diet before symptoms appear can extend the life of your pet by 600 days. Hills Prescription diets k/d and a/d, Purina NF, and Royal Canin LP are all appropriate options. Canned and dry forms are available. Additionally, cats in renal failure tend to excrete too much potassium in their urine. Supplementing with a flavored gel called Tumil-K can help restore some potassium to your cat’s system. Many cats in renal failure experience vomiting, anemia (a decrease in red blood cells) and high blood pressure. These symptoms can often be alleviated with appropriate medications.POTASSIUM DEFICIENCY:
New research indicates that many senior cats have low levels of blood potassium. Studies have shown as high as 37% of all senior age cats are affected. It has been shown that LOW POTASSIUM MAY CONTRIBUTE TO KIDNEY FAILURE IN THE CAT. Additionally low blood potassium makes kidney dysfunction much worse.
WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND ALL SENIOR CATS BE PLACED ON POTASSIUM SUPPLEMENTATION. TUMIL-K®: is available as a tablet, powder, or gel for owner administration at home. You will be much better off if you supplement with TUMIL-K® rather than cat laxatives, vitamins, etc.