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Today I have a few tips to share on how to travel long distances with cats. Some are from my own research and talking to our vet and others are from our personal experience making the 1,700 km drive from Middleton, NS to Pembroke, ON with our two adult cats.
Mar 15, 2017 - How to Travel Long Distance With a Cat
For long-distance travelers, it would be time-efficient to travel with your cat by plane. Air transportation for pets, however, can be pretty pricey so it is important to reserve your flight well in advance. There are several things to keep in mind before you make your flight reservation. First, you will have the option to transport your cat as cargo or as a carry-on. Second, airlines may not accept pet cargo if at the time of travel, the weather is too hot or too cold. Third, you should try and reserve a non-stop flight to avoid any further complications when transferring at multiple airports. How to travel with cats long distance - YouTubeTravelling long-distance with your cat | A purrfect catHow to Travel Long Distances with Cats - Simply Stacie
Pet kennel. I use one like this for long-distance travel with my cats. It fits nicely in the back seat and one side is for sleeping and the other side for a little, high-sided, litterbox and a little food. You can put a little water on that side as well, but you need a container that can tolerate sloshing!Before you travel, make sure that you schedule a visit to a Manor, New York for an ‘all clear’. Make sure that you have copies of certificates of current rabies vaccination especially when traveling long distance. Check with locations where you are going and find out any vaccinations that they require so that you carry all the certificates you need.Royal Paws® Pet Transportation provides your cat safe, stress free transportation nationwide. We offer private cat transport services short or long distance for state to state trips or across the country and all of Canada. Our company has been successfully moving pets since 2000 and we strive to create a healthy, happy travel environment for your cat. With no other pets in our vehicles, there is no risk of illness and the stress of bulk traveling with strange animals is eliminated. Our professional cat Personal Transporters dedicate their attention and care throughout the move exclusively to your one or multiple cats in your family. Royal Paws® Pet Transportation is the best and safest choice for young kittens not fully vaccinated, shy, senior, feral or special needs or nervous cats.Among pets, dogs are the most frequent travelers. They account for over 85% of pet travelers. Trips to the beach, family vacations, traveling to pet friendly accommodations…no matter what the adventure, most dogs love car rides and can’t wait to hop in and hit the open road. Cats on the other hand – not so much. Most cat’s car travel takes place when they are going back and forth to the vet (no wonder they don’t like the car). However, many cat parents are faced with a big dilemma when they have to move – particularly if the move is a long distance. They are stressed at the thought of putting terrified Fluffy in the car – traveling for hours on end. In addition, a growing number of cat parents would like to include their cat in their daily travels.How to Travel Long Distance With a Cat
Method 1 Preparing to Travel
1 - Keep health records on hand
2 - Have proper identification for your cat
3 - Calm your cat with supplements or pheromones
4 - Practice giving your cat sedatives
5 - Leave the crate out
Method 2 Traveling By Car
1 - Get a hard-shell crate
2 - Avoid feeding your cat right before the trip
3 - Bring along familiar items from home
4 - Prevent your cat from getting out of the car
Method 3 Traveling By Plane
1 - Research airline regulations
2 - Choose a direct flight and check your ticket information
3 - Consider using a soft-shell carrier
4 - Consider the environment of the cargo hold

Content taken from WikiHow Although we haven’t traveled long distances with cats in a number of years we found that even the half hour trip to the vet causes anxiety for them. Therefore we spray the mat in the carrier with a well known feline facial pheromone product a few hours before the trip. It actually works in calming them down and making them feel more secure. We also use the plug in dispenser for a few days prior to any jaunts. You are so right talking to them during the actual ride and making some sort of physical contact has also always helped.