Spoil your favorite feline with a few of these easy DIY cat toys

Fortune Cookie cat toys. My cats LOVE these and I want to be able to make more.
Great news for cat owners on a budget: You don't need a fancy three-level scratching post to make your kitty happy. You can easily turn an empty, brown-paper shopping bag into one of your cat's favorite toys. Lay the bag on its side so your cat can crawl inside. Then, scratch and poke the sides of the bag while your kitten bats at the movements and noises from the inside.
Fortune Cookie cat toys. My cats LOVE these and I want to be able to make more.
9. Sock Catnip Mouse
Who knew so many cat toys could be made from the common sock? In this post, an animal shelter asks children to make this toy for the resident cats and kittens. What a great idea! See, there’s no end to the feline happiness your DIY projects can provide! Awesome homemade cat toys & treats - 15 DIY Goodies for Your Cats - make your own car toysThese are great ideas; I'll be sure to make some of these cat toys for my cats.Cheap and easy DIY cat toys that cats love to play with! These would make a really great gift idea for your cat!
Cats love toys! The more the better… however we don’t all have unlimited funds. So why not try and do this homemade “Fun Box” for your cat! It is very simple to make and it’s completely 100% free!Cat Dancer makes greats interactive toys for cats and have long been a favorite of mine. This Cat Charmer version will have your cat leaping and jumping. This one is meant to be interactive with the owner and not left out as a toy to be played with unsupervised.DIY Cat Toy - How To Make An Easy Cat Treat Toy with a toilet paper roll in minutes. All you need is the empty roll, a pen, and treats!~ The Furballs will play with these cat toys for ages trying to get the treats out! This cat toy was an instant hit with all of them.

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Welcome to the Friskies Do-It-Yourself Toy Maker Series! Does you cat's corner need an upgrade? Watch this video to learn how to make a cozy Suitcase Bed for your feline friend.

You'll need:
- 1 suitcase (any color will do!)
- 4 coffee table legs
- 4 nuts
- 4 washers
- 1 drill
- Spray paint
- 1 pair of scissors
- 1 ruler
- 1 black marker

What to do:
- Get those table legs looking fancy!
- Remove the hinges on your suit case and remove the top lid and lining…
- Place the legs about 4 inches from either corner. Make your measurements and put a mark down.
- Get to drillin’!
- Place the bolt of the table leg into the hole and spin clockwise.
- Secure the legs by placing washers onto the bolts and fastening the nuts.
- Throw your favorite pillow on top and… voila!

A hip bed for your hip cat!

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Voice Over Actress: Daniela DiIorioCat-sized cardboard boxes also make great free cat toys for adventurous cats. Just leave one on the floor with the lid partially open. Try duct-taping two or three open-ended boxes together for a tunnel. Cut peek-a-boo windows randomly in the sides. Cardboard boxes are also a good place for hiding a toy, catnip cigar, or other treats. Boxes also make great interactive toys. Our Jaspurr loves to be dragged around in his "box sled."Commercial cat toys are great but they can be expensive so I keep an eye open for ways to make cat toys out of supplies I have here at home. The first two I’ll share with you here are easy ones I’ve used for many kittens and cats but the third one I saw online recently and then had to try for myself. I hope you and your cat have fun with all of these.