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Laser interactive cat toys can give some cats bags of amusement and exercise.
This inventive, multifunctional mat provides virtually everything your cat needs in a space. There are places to hide, claw, sleep, dig, and hunt. It’s easily reconfigurable simply by reshaping the surface, which will keep the mat interesting over the long haul. Use the layers and holes to hide toys and treats so your cat can forage among the folds. The non-skid rubber bottom will make sure it stays in place, no matter how outrageous your cat’s play sessions get. These are made in the U.S.A. from recycled bottles are completely non-toxic. This is a toy in itself, but can be combined with anything else on this list to make a real playground for your cat.
ECO POUNCER The Eco Pouncer, one of our first natural cat toys, stimulates cats for hours of..
No list of cat toys would be complete without a wand-style toy on it. This particular model comes with options, with five different feathered attachments in five bright colors — red, purple, green, yellow, and teal. It’s almost like getting five toys in one. Even better, each of the feather attachments comes with a small bell that will grab your cat’s attention. Once assembled, the wand reaches about three feet, which makes it easy to use while standing or sitting. It’s a classic cat toy. Our interactive toys pique your cat’s natural curiosity and keep them engaged time and time again.Twirly Jingles Kitty Toys are easy to make and very popular with cats and their Human playmates!Cats play rough; here are tips on how to choose toys that your cat can pummel and maul safely.
A few weeks ago, I wrote about . That article focused on toys that are primarily designed for dogs, although cats would enjoy some of them. Here, I have information on toys designed solely for cats.You don't need to spend a bundle on fancy toys for your cat. In fact, many owners say that their cats ignore the store-bought toys and play instead with a plastic ring from a milk container, a strip of paper, or a gift bow.Other toys simply provide a way to keep your cat active and entertained. Cats tend to love puzzles, and many will spend hours trying to retrieve a toy from a puzzle box.To that end, I’ve had my fair share of experience with interactive cat toys. From the classics to the latest and greatest, there’s a cat toy for every personality and energy level. Badly behaved cats often just need stimulation in the form of tiring play, so if you’ve got a cat that acts up all the time, consider one of the items from our list to help them burn off some steam. Indoor cats especially have higher requirements for exercise, since they don’t have a dynamic environment to move through. There are always the and , but nothing beats a toy that can engage your pet.There's really no need to buy toys, but there are so many cute ones out there that it can be really hard to resist. Cats really enjoy toys such as plastic balls, with or without bells inside, sisal-wrapped toys, which they can dig their claws into, or "fishing pole" toys consisting of a long rod with a length of cord attached that has an enticing lure at the end.Provide toys that offer a variety of uses—at least one toy to carry, one to wrestle with, one to roll and one to "baby." "Hide and Seek" is a fun game for cats to play. "Found" toys are often much more attractive than a toy that is obviously introduced.Like a 3-year-old child, your cat can become bored with his toys. To keep them "fresh," rotate your cat's toys weekly, making only a few available at a time. Keep a variety of types easily accessible. If your cat has a favorite, like a soft "baby" that she loves to cuddle, you might want to leave that one out all the time.Featuring seven unique toys made from natural wood, sisal, elastic and feathers, this collection of natural cat toys is focused on hunting and foraging. When I had my cat, I would buy a bundle of roughly mouse-shaped toys and keep them in a drawer. When my cat lost one under the couch, I’d just grab another and fling it over to her, starting the cycle again. Another good candidate for to keep cats interested as they get scattered around the house.