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Our vision is for Toronto to be a city in which no adoptable cat is killed and rescue organizations such as Toronto Cat Rescue are no longer needed.
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Adoption fee is $175 per cat. This ensures that the cats that come into our care receive the attention they need, are spayed or neutered, and receive a rabies vaccination at the appropriate age. It includes 6 weeks of free pet insurance. For City of Toronto residents, the adoption fee includes a mandatory City of Toronto cat license that is valid for one year. As you can imagine, these fees only begin to cover our costs; donations and ongoing fundraising efforts carry us the rest of the way! Free Kittens For Adoption Toronto CatsFree Kittens For Adoption Toronto CatsNorth Toronto Cat Rescue Markham And Vicinity Adoptions
Abbey Cat Adoptions is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to finding permanent homes for unwanted cats and kittens throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Each year, ACA rescues cats from outdoor environments and overcrowded shelters.
Our cats live in a network of volunteer foster homes throughout the GTA until they are adopted into suitable, loving homes; we do not have a shelter. We are not government funded and we have no paid staff; we rely exclusively on the generosity of like-minded animal lovers to fund our program.I have to say I was amazed at how many people stepped up and wanted to learn more about how to help cats find homes. Toronto Cat Rescue does numerous adopt-a-thon events throughout the Greater Toronto Area and screeners are needed to assist in helping people to pick out a cat as well as making sure the right cats go home to the right homes. Having done it before I can attest to what a positive experience it is for you, the adopters and the cats. The knowledge that comes with screening is also helps to make you a better cat person.I recently had an opportunity to attend the Toronto Cat Rescue Adoption Screening Session. I have done the training before but I think it was a great opportunity to update my knowledge and learn some things I may not of known. The training was done by two passionate and knowledgeable members of the Toronto Cat Rescue Executive Nalini Radoop and Heather Brown. They are pictured in the above photo.To the credit of everybody in the room they were all passionate about cats and gave up a perfectly good Sunday afternoon to assist the cats of Toronto Cat Rescue. With kitten season under way their services will be much needed as the spring is upon us and the kittens happening now are going to be looking for homes soon. I was flattered at the event when somebody approached me to ask me about my photographs. The person had adopted the beautiful tuxedo kitten Charles (and if you know me, I have a weakness for tuxedo kittens) and it was great to hear what a joy he was brining to his new home.The Adoption Counselling experience is really an opportunity to connect with people and tap the enthusiasm and love of prospective adopters to turn then into successful cat adopters. What the social media folks refer to as conversions. Most encounters will not result in adoptions but I see them as a great opportunity to promote cats, cat adoptions and Toronto Cat Rescue.Our vision is for Toronto to be a city in which no adoptable cat is killed and rescue organizations such as Toronto Cat Rescue are no longer needed.