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But does the Clevercat Top Entry LitterBox meet these claims? Well, read on.
Top Entry Litter Boxes do need some getting used to by cats. Some will take to them quite quickly but other cats may never like them which could lead to outside litter box soiling. One trick you can use to encourage your cat to use a new litter box is placing some of their used litter inside the box.
Top Entry Litter Boxes?? Cats Want to Know Whom to Thank for That Lovely Idea?!
So happy I found you on Google. Been doing a lot of research for a top-entry litter box for my two big female cats. The cost was off-putting — found one for $180.00! Can’t wait to make this one and eliminate litter outside the box. Thank you. √ Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box is recommended:DIY Top Entry Litter Box, compared to Clever Cat box.Clevercat Innovations Top Entry Litter Box
If you have one cat, and they’re not too big, this is a great covered litter box design. Â The top entry makes it virtually impossible to leak urine from the stand up and urinate variety of male cats. Â However this box was slightly too small for my 15 pound male kitty. Â It’s also a bit too small to accommodate more than a one cat household (unless you buy one for each cat).I went on Amazon to find some reviews on different litter boxes and came across the top entry litter box. It seemed to offer everything we needed in a litter box except for dedicated wifi hotspot and twitter updates. But it is pricy with a $40 (USD) price tag it was way out of budget.Easy DIY Top Entry Litter Box to help contain litter scatter and smell. This has been very popular with my readers because it's easy to make and MUCH less expensive than the store bought version.Get it on Amazon here

The award-winning clevercat top entry litter box nearly eliminates tracking, prevents over-the-edge spills and reduces odor. Excellent for cats that love to dig and kick litter. Clevercat is dog-proof from most dogs. Cats and kittens adapt quickly and love the privacy. Use with or without liners. Using clevercat custom heavy-duty liners allows for quick, easy and sanitary litter box changes. Not recommended for disabled, elderly or very large cats. Litter box measures 20-inch x 15-inch x 15-inch with a 9-inch diameter entry.The first time I saw a top-entry litter box, I wondered where it had been all my life. That top-oriented entrance hole looked like it would cut down dramatically on my cat tracking litter out of the box on her paws and eliminate accidental out-of-the-box spraying. Unfortunately, that kind of litter box can be expensive. But now someone has figured out a way to make one with a simple IKEA hack.First up the Clevercat is a top entry litter box. This means that it is a box with a lid and the cat enters the litter box . This is designed to cut down on litter tracking throughout the house. So if your cat loves to kick their litter out of the litter box then the Clevercat will stop this from occurring.Does your cat need to be a genius to use the Clevercat Top Entry LitterBox? Or is this litter box great for all sorts of different cats? This review is going to go over some of the features of this top entry litter box to see if it meets a cats’ everyday toilet needs. I have seen the Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box at good retail outlets including Walmart, Costco etc and are normally being sold for $69.00! But you can get the Clevercat Top Entry Litter Boxwhich are some great savings.