Top Cat let go of Trixie, readjusted his hat and waited for reaction.

 Trixie is a female cat appearing in Top Cat: the Movie who initially works works for Lou...
The space-saving SmartCat Climber is designed to fit over a standard door of 79-82 inches. A spring-loaded bracket assembly attaches at the top and bottom of the door. Individual steps stagger the height of the door to encourage climbing. The central support strut is covered with sisal string, a common material used to upholster scratching posts. Some customers say that the individual steps are not suitable for heavier cats. Owners also comment that the unit tends to sway and bow out from the door because it lacks a central support. This situation could be remedied with the use of tie-down strapping. You could also mount the SmartCat to a permanent wall for more support. (This would take a little more advanced engineering, and it would make the SmartCat far less portable. However, the result would be a more secure tree for your pet.)
Top Cat as Slightly Trixie as Princess Camille Brain as Cubby Kitty Glitter as Riley Spook as...
That was exactly what had happened this morning. She had awoken to the feel of Top Cat’s whiskers tickling her face. She had been about to gently run her fingers across his face (a little habit to wake him up), when she heard the doorbell ring. The first thought she had upon wondering who would be at their door this early was that it was either Fancy-Fancy or Huck, who was also a morning person. Whoever it was, they were ringing the doorbell like a maniac, and it was driving Trixie just as crazy. Top Cat as Slightly Trixie as Princess Camille Brain as Cubby Kitty Glitter as Riley Spook as...After they bought their candy, Top Cat asked Trixie, "Shall I take you home?"Sevrin was prepared to say something but, Top Cat quickly turned to Trixie, saying, "I have to go."
Este es otro vídeo dedicado a mis personajes favoritos:
This is another video dedicated to my favorite characters:

Elsa- (Frozen)
Penny-(Mr. Peabody & Sherman)
Princess Fiona- (Shrek Saga)
Ellie-( Ice Age 2 & 4)
Trixie-(Top Cat the Movie)
Cosmo the seedrian-(Sonic X series)
Tigress-(Kung fu panda 2)
Gia-(Madagascar 3)
Eva-(Penguins of Madagascar)
April O'neil-(TMNT)
Nala-(The Lion King 1 & 2)
Peaches-(Ice Age 4)
Shira-(Ice Age 4)
Scarlet Overkill-(Minions)
Jeanette-(Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked)

Tags: Elsa Frozen Frozen:Una aventura Congelada Princess Elsa Queen Elsa Snow Queen Jewel Rio Rio 2 Perla Penny Penny Peterson Mr. Peabody & Sherman Las Aventuras de Peabody y Sherman Princess Fiona Shrek Shrek Saga Princesa Fiona Ellie La Era de Hielo Ice Age Trixie Top Cat The Movie Don Gato y Su Pandilla Cosmo the seedrian Sonic X Tigress Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda 2 Gia Madagascar 3 Madagascar 3 Los Fugitivos Eva Penguins of Madagascar Pinguinos de Madagascar Karai TMNT April O'neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Las tortugas ninja Tortugas Ninja Peaches Shira Scarlet Overkill Minions Minions Movie Alvin and The Chipmunks Chipwrecked Jeanette Alvin y las ardillas 3Trixie is a female feline who works for Strickland and his police robots and is Top Cat's crush. After she found out that Top Cat was innocent, she decided to help Dibble and free Top Cat. She is voiced by Melissa Disney.It was a quiet summer evening in New York, and many of its citizens were outside, enjoying the warm air and stargazing. Top Cat and Trixie were among them, and they cuddled together in Central Park on the grass. Neither of them said much, but they were just enjoying each other’s presence and looking up at the sky, which was swarmed with stars. Every once in a while, they’d point out a few constellations.At the alley, Top Cat catches news of the Maharajah of Peekajoo, known for his generosity and his rubies are just what Top Cat needs to impress Trixie. Top Cat and his gang head to the Connity Hall to meet the Maharajah, running into an obnoxious man named Lou Strickland. The gang steal his tickets and get him sent away. While the gang distract Officer Dibble who is the Maharaja's escort, Top Cat makes a bet with the Maharaja and gets out of him a Maharaja Talk 5000 device with many functions, as the Maharaja hasn't any rubies.