Wouldn’t it be ‘convenient’ if your cat used the toilet?

Daniel Freudberg's cat, Kal, while on stage two of his toilet-training.
If you live in a coastal area such as California, you’ll want to know a few facts about toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that cats can pick up and pass through their feces. If you flush infected feces down the toilet, the parasite enters the water system, goes into the ocean, and harms sea otters. In order to make an informed decision about whether to toilet train your cat, here are a few things you should know.
Watch Milo the amazing wundercat show off his toilet training skillz (and super-sized bladder)
I had a sick little office cat that stayed the size of a kitten. I hate kitty litter so I trained her with one of these. She got to the last stage but then she passed away :(. Too funny when my husband would open the door to the bathroom and see our little cat doing her business. FYI when you start the next stages a fair bit of kitty litter does get into the toilet because of their scratching.
Good luck!! Cat toilet training is a great way to keep your house cleaner, and many cats take to it quite well.DO: Reward your cat with treats or praise for using the toilet successfully.Now cats can flush their own toilet.After your cats do their business,the mess is  flushed away.
Once your cat is trained to use a cardboard box, start moving the box around the room, towards the bathroom. If the box is in a corner, move it a few feet from the corner, but not very noticeably. If you move it too far, he may go to the bathroom in the original corner. Do it gradually. You’ve got to get him thinking. Then he will gradually follow the box as you move it to the bathroom. (Important: if you already have it there, move it out of the bathroom, around, and then back. He has to learn to follow it. If it is too close to the toilet, to begin with, he will not follow it up onto the toilet seat when you move it there.) A cat will look for his box. He smells it.Finally, you reach the bathroom and, eventually, the toilet itself. Then, one day, prepare to put the box on top of the toilet. At each corner of the box, cut a little slash. You can run string around the box, through these slashes, and tie the box down to the toilet so it will not fall off. Your cat will see it there and jump up to the box, which is now sitting on top of the toilet (with the sides cut down to only an inch or so.)"We never bought an actual litter box," said Freudberg, 27, an Arlington, Virginia, retail store manager who so strongly believes in cat toilet-training that he has encouraged his boss to try it. "I love it, honestly."Is this a growing group? It's impossible to say; no one tracks cat toilet use. But there's enough of a market to support feline toilet-training kits with hundreds of reviews on Amazon, as well as two new books on the topic. One is the 25th anniversary edition of the pioneer volume in this subject area, Paul Kunkel's "How to Toilet Train Your Cat," which promises success in 21 days. The second, "Toilet Train Your Cat, Plain and Simple," is by Clifford Brooks, a Silicon Valley writer who says the process takes three months and loads of patience but is well worth it.Many people treat their pets like furry children. But within that demographic is a small minority of cat owners who have taken pet humanization to the next level by eschewing litter in favor of sharing the toilet with their animals. Toilet-training cats is surprisingly possible, evangelists say, and the benefits are great: No litterbox smell. No gravelly grains underfoot. No scooping. (Just flushing, because thumb-less felines are no good at that.)We know you don't need to hear the benefits of toilet training your cat - it's obvious isn't it? All the information you need to get your cat to use the toilet is on this site so look no further.