Pet Food Storage Tin- small size, much nicer looking than a crumpled up bag of cat food!!
I have been feeding my nine month-old cat Jupiter according to your picks since he was born, and he’s doing so well. However, I don’t want him to grow too dependent on Tiki Cat, so I am considering adding Weruva into the mix occasionally. I see they have a formula of Beef and Chicken– how do you feel about feeding cats beef? Or other red meats, for that matter? I just see so little information about it online, but most of the high-end brands do offer it as an option (such as Instinct Raw). I would love to know your thoughts and enjoy your blog so much. Also, as a side note, Jupiter is the furthest thing from a picky eater and hardly even smells his food before chowing down…
I definitely transfer the food leftover from the tin can into a ceramic bowl (glass would have been better), cover it with the plastic wrap and refrigerate. Usually, it's two day tops that it can stay in the refrigerator, after that kitties really are indifferent to the leftovers. Some of my cats like the leftover food chilled, and some wait until it warms up after I take it out of the fridge and portion on several plates, so it works out perfectly. Nicky Wilkinson and nine people touched a tin can of cat food while listening to .Whimsicat Paws For a Drink/Feed Me Right Meow Tin Cat Food and Water Bowl Set - ZeckosOld Christmas popcorn tin turned into cat food container.
Fridge magnets. FUN!! Cat food cans, mackerel rectangular cans, mini sausage cans, breath mint tins, use imagination and look for cans while you shop! I love this idea! Have FUN!!!Feed at room temperature and refrigerate unused portion. Always provide access to clean, fresh water. The amount of food your cat requires will depend on activity level, age, breed of cat, and climate.Calorie Content: 165 kcal per 156g tinCat Food Can Candles - inexpensive emergency prep project. Use any size can or jar. Can use old shoestrings for wicks and break big pillar candles from thrift stores into pieces for melting. Add soy wax flakes to add hours to the burn time.Another feature of the cat’s natural diet is variety. A hunting cat doesn’t one day decide to eat only purple finches! He will eat any small prey he can catch, whether it be mice, voles, pigeons, grasshoppers, geckos, or rabbits. Likewise, we should feed our cats a variety of foods. Variety keeps cats from becoming finicky and food-addicted, reduces the chance of dietary excess or deficiency of any single nutrient, and may prevent the development of food intolerances, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease. Feeding the same dry kibble day in and day out, year after year, greatly increases the risk of these problems. Cats get bored with the same food all the time–wouldn’t you? With canned food, it’s easy to vary the brands, flavors and protein sources.Our feline friends descend from desert-dwelling wild cats who are well adapted to limited water resources. Their ultra-efficient kidneys are able to extract most of their moisture needs from their prey. However, the end result is that cats have a very low thirst drive, and will not drink water until they are up to 3% dehydrated (a level at which, clinically, a veterinarian would administer intravenous fluid therapy). Cats eating only dry food take in just half the moisture of a cat eating only canned food. This chronic dehydration may be a factor in kidney disease, and is a major contributor to bladder disease (crystals, stones, FUS, FLUTD, cystitis). isn't organic, but the company uses only high-grade meats, poultry and fish, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It's a bit less expensive than the cat foods listed above, but its safety record isn't quite as sterling. However, after being caught up in the 2007 pet food recalls, Natural Balance instituted a well-regarded in-house safety testing program that samples each lot of food for nine different contaminants (E. coli, salmonella and more) before releasing it to stores. Although no Natural Balance varieties tested positive, it was also among the many cat food brands caught up in a 2012 recall over salmonella contamination at a Diamond Pet Food plant where some of the food is made.