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Ranked as one of our top automatic cat food dispensers on the market, you really can't go wrong with the Pet Feedster PF-10. You can ensure yourself peace of mind knowing that your cat will be fed on a systematic schedule with this timed cat food dispenser. Accuracy and durability are the two best characteristics of this timed feeder and for that reason it gets our #1 auto cat feeder ranking for 2016.
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One of the risks of overfeeding our cats is that they do tend to bloat or even vomit the excessive amount of food that we give. To help address this, it is often preferable to give smaller but more frequent feedings. Another way to do it is by slowly giving food over a much longer period of time to help prevent gulping. Such is the purpose of the Healthy Pet Simply Feed timed cat feeder. This PetSafe feline nutrition delivery system allows you to slowly dispense your cat’s favorite meal over a period of 15 minutes so that it will not have to gulp and vomit. However, this is only accessible if you are going to put a meal that is greater than an eighth of a cup. The maximum amount that you can program it to dispense is 4 cups per meal. But, here’s the good part, the Healthy Pet can be programed to schedule the delivery of your feline friend’s meals up to 12 times a day. This means you can actually design a very specific menu delivery program for your beloved feline. Automatic timed cat dog dry food dispenserIf you are an avid pet lover, then one of the best things that you can purchase is a timed cat food dispenser as these really handy to have around the residence.Results 1 - 36 of 384 - Pet parents can find everything from a cat food dispenser for when you're away, to timed cat feeders to help regulate feeding times
Feeding frequency and time can be adjusted through programming. The feeder allows feeding up to 8 times in a day. This timed cat feeder is maintained through a digital timer and is accurate to seconds. There is a hopper type design for the food gallon which does not allow the kibbles to bridge at the mouth of the dispenser.