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Hi again. As for Tiki canned, why do you say use on rotation, not to be used as only cat food?
I’m going to try it. I also buy canned Puka Puka flavor from Tiki Cat (looks like you could mix it with mayo and make yourself a sandwich — no mystery!), and dry food from Feline Cuisine (freeze dried).
You might want to try Tiki cat food, the chicken varieties, not the fish. The cans are fairly small, though, if you are feeding multiple cats.
I feed TikiCat chicken and ZiwiPeak canned food. Part of the reason I am not feeding Nature’s Variety canned food any more is because it is so high in fat. TikiCat is shredded chicken –plain and simple. ZiwiPeak is a pate (I take issue with the guar gum and carrageenan in it, but one of my cats loves it). High quality canned cat foods are Wellness, EVO, Before Grain, Blue Wilderness, Tiki Cat. Look for the Here is a video of Charlie and Trigg trying Tiki Cat Canned Wild Salmon Cat Food for the first time.But; can of in is tiki cat food.
Finally got the new Ziwipeak formula – lamb/rabbit flavor. Seems like my girls liked it, BUT… the smell and texture of lamb/rabbit formula are awfully similar to tuna. I bought enough Tikicat ahi tuna back in a day to recognize it when i see it. Now, i dont know what the old formula looked like, never bought Ziwipeak before. Checked the ingredients on a can again, no mentioning of tuna or any fish for that matter. But I cant help my strong suspicion.
If it turns out that Ziwipeak lies about their food content, I cant even imagine the fallout. Does anyone have any means to analyze this food?? Or to at least check if fish is present?? Please help!Why aren’t any of the Wysong products reviewed here? They seem to have a variety of food that are very high quality. Im currently feeding Orijen chicken dry with canned Weruva, Tiki Cat, Addiction, other holistic brands free of carrageenan. Cats eat the food up, but all this food is very expensive and everyone is having large loose stools, plus they all seem to have very dry skin… Im looking at switching to the best I can find and Wysong is actually slightly less than Orijen. What are your thoughts?I have moved from Montana to Portland Oregon and I was looking for the pet store I buy Weruva from but could not locate it and stopped at a different one which sells only premium foods but no Weruva. He told me he only sells foods that he has personally been able to tour the processing plant. If he sees any trace of mice, workers don’t wear proper head and foot protection, etc. he will not carry their products. He said that in December he will be going to Thailand to tour the Tiki Cat plant. He has contacted the people at Weruva, but was turned down! I am very impressed that he goes to this extreme to insure that our animals have the best foods. I told him I would contact you and see if there was anything you could do to help him. My 3 babies and I love the Weruva. I think this owner is great to care so much. I am considering going to a food that he can attest to.I feed my cats Tiki (chicken varieties) and Nature’s Variety instinct exclusively. Hefty cat food bill! I’ve just noticed Nulo at PetSmart and was going to try, but noticed there is guar gum in it. Bummed out. Does anyone know of a quality canned food without added crap, besides Tiki? Tiki is too expensive for 4 cats. 🙁