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Developed with you and your favorite feline friends in mind, the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System helps to keep your cat's litter area fresher and cleaner than ordinary kitty litter boxes. This unique and innovative kitty litter box system controls odors in your home and features a helpful pull-out tray, which utilizes a disposable cat pad that absorbs urine and helps to lock in strong urine-based odor. Instead of using traditional clay litter, this special cat litter box system uses specially designed cat-friendly litter pellets that are 99.9% dust free and have been formulated to be anti-tracking, which helps to keep the area surrounding your litter box clean and tidy. These litter pellets allow urine to seep through, meanwhile leaving the solid waste on top for quick and easy removal. The urine is quickly absorbed by an odor-controlling pad within the protective pull-out tray. Provide your precious kitties with a litter box that provides them with the comfort they need to relieve themselves, such as this special litter box system from Tidy Cats. This convenient Tidy Cats Litter Box System comes complete with 1 scoop, 1 bag of litter pellets and 4 absorbent cat pads.
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Tidy Cats works hard to bring you low-dust litters. Their litters have an anti-dust coating that forms a microscopic web-like structure that helps prevent tiny dust particles from escaping. Target Deal 5 56 Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter Southern SaversHigh Value 3 00 1 Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter CouponTidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System Free Shipping
We have used Tidy Cats Instant Action for many years and it was a great product. Simply put, the new version sucks and definitely no longer works as well. It smells nice at first when you put it in the litter box, but doesn't fight odor as well. In addition, I think the nice-smelling stuff in the new formula is irritating to our cats' skin. Sad to say, we will not be buying this any longer. It's time to find another brand. :(Meet Tidy Cats Direct™: the only disposable, deliverable litter box that comes pre-filled with 30 days* of Tidy’s LightWeight 24/7 Performance litter. So, you get premium odor control, your cat gets a box, and no one has to leave the house. Even Tidy’s going to have a hard time topping this one.We have four cats and have been using Tidy Cats for over a decade. But I am so not amused with whatever changes you have made. The scent is over-bearing, the abode clay like clump is not scoopable. You have to scrape it of the sides of the litter box and it takes some muscle. Already snapped one scooper off its handle! I came to this site to find an option since Target has a sale with a coupon deal and sadly, it looks like I will be changing from Tidy Cat to another brand. We stock up 6-8 35 lb. tubs at a time and sad that we endured the first 3 tubs, but our last 3 are just going to be wasted. Giving it one star because there is no option for NO STARS!Have used Tidy Cats Instant Action for years, but new formulation is just terrible! Makes a sticky, clayey layer at bottom of litter box, you have to really work to scrape out. Doesn't really clump. The clayey residue is brown now too, not the grey color of the former clumps. More clay? Different clay minerals? Cheap construction of the product? Anyway, it doesn't work anymore for clumping urine, makes cleaning the litter box a terrible, messy job, and the odor control is miserable too.I bought this a few months ago when the store I buy from did not have the 40 lb. bags of the red label non-clumping litter. We have 4 indoor and 2 outdoor/indoor cats. I have read other reviews that said they did not like this litter, but from my point of view it performs quite well. Just to let you know I scoop the litter box daily and then replace the litter with about the same amount from the litter bucket we keep at the litter box. The performance of this litter has allowed me to change and clean the litter box once every 2 weeks instead of weekly. Tidy Cat is the only litter we use and we go through about 120 lbs. a month (3 litter boxes).For several years I tried all the latest and greatest new fangled litters until one day I tried what I thought was old fashioned - Tidy Cats. I've never looked back. Tidy Cats lasts longer than ANY litter by far, keeps odors at bay, clumps instantly, makes box cleaning a breeze and costs less than other litters for the quality received.