Tidy cats scoop for small spaces doesn't lve up to it's name!

Tidy Cats Scoop Small Spaces can be found in any major grocery store or at .
I like Tidy Cats scoopable (multicat) with the turquoise or red lid on a yellow bucket. I am very picky about odor and I have 5 litterboxes. I am also careful about dust levels because I have Persians with sensitive eyes. Arm & Hammer is terribly dusty so I don't like that one. I have tried tests using a different brand in just one of the boxes and the cats also preferred the Tidy Cats litter. I tried Tidy Cats small spaces and they wouldn't use the box I put it in. It seems like it would work well on odors but the scent was kind of strong and they didn't seem to like it.
Purina this summer launches Tidy Cats Scoop Small Spaces cat litter with a $3 million campaign.
I definitely think Jake dislikes it when I change something of his. I had his litter in a low pan up on the built-in computer shelf, but litter was going everywhere. So, I bought a covered litter box that was a higher pan. I put it on the floor, but our 2nd little stinker, Tessie, kept getting in it. We always knew when she did, because the evidence was on her beard. Oh well . . . back up on the computer shelf again. After Jake stopped using the box, I went back to “Tidy Cat Small Spaces” clumping litter and took the lid off. What do you know . . . all is good again except for cat litter going everywhere! .00 → ・Tidy Cats Small Spaces Premium Scoop for Multiple Cats Cat Litter ...Tidy Cats Sm Spcs Scoop 3/14Lb, + SMALL SPACES SCOOPABLETidy Cats Sm Spcs Scoop 3/14Lb, + SMALL SPACES SCOOPABLE
Tidy Cats Small SpacesFighting litter box odor in tight places is a tall order. But, Tidy Cats Small Spaces puts odors in their place. And with Odor Erasers in the mix to neutralize ammonia and tackle feces and urine odors, you can stand tall knowing you’re helping your cozy corners stay as fresh as ever.I use Tidy Cat Small Spaces and it works really well. You should also try a covered litterbox. It helps to keep the smell contained in the litterbox.Nope, my cats flung that shit around everywhere, it was like the litter box overflowed onto the floor around it. They prefer a more solid litter. The Tidy Cats Small Spaces is a good one.A 43 million-circulation FSI for Small Spaces drops in August, with a $1 coupon; Purina plans to run five FSIs for Tidy Cats through yearend, and sample the brand in packages of Purina’s Friskies Dry, Fancy Feast Gold and Aquari-Yums cat foods. Purina is a division of Nestlé.The litter—an extension of Purina’s Tidy Cats line—controls odor in tight quarters, such as a bathroom or utility room. Small Spaces hits store shelves in June.This is our Tidy Cats Small Spaces Cat Litter Review. Tidy Cats Small Spaces cat litter is designed for cats that happen to live in smaller residents such as apartments where any smells that arise would easily spread throughout the entire living space. It is designed to quickly neutralize odor before it even has the chance to spread. This proprietary odor solution is actually multi-release, which has been tested to be more effective in stopping odors in small spaces. It is moisture-activated and guarantees hard clumps. In addition, it is 99.6% dust free. This product is available in 14 and 20-pound jugs.I have 4 cats and i have tryed every litter out there and i found tidy cats small spaces the dark blue works the best no dust no odor nothing and cheap at target
The Tidy Cats Small Spaces Cat Litter Review earns 4.5 out of 5 cats. Great performance. Great clumping. Easy cleanup. Fantastic price. You can’t go wrong with this choice and we highly recommend it. This product really does shine for small houses and apartments and in fact we would recommend it even if you have a larger residence because the performance across the board is just so good.