Thunderspray For Cats Thundershirt

 Surprisingly, he accepted the Thundershirt for Cats with only some token resistance.
In addition to the ThunderShirt, there are training tactics that can help pets remain stress-free during the season of fireworks and thunderstorms. One of the best tactics is to prove your pet with a comforting den-like hideout they can retreat to when fireworks are being set off. When pets are in a panic, many seek out a place of refuge to hide in. Closets and bathrooms make ideal hiding areas, because they’re smaller in size and usually dark. Make these areas as comfortable as possible; giving the pet blankets and even hiding areas inside, such as their regular crate or a chair with a blanket draped over the top for them to hide under. Keep the windows of the area and surrounding rooms closed to prevent the pet from catching the flashes of light that accompanies the sounds of fireworks or storms.
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Amazingly, the Thundershirt worked on my neighbor's dog, soothing him when he was left at home and reducing his anxiety during car rides. Because of this unexpected success, I was quite excited when Thundershirt released a version for cats. 3. Do you hear about ThunderShirt being useful for cats as well as dogs?Super Hurrah! You are the winner of the Thundershirt for Cats! Please look for a message from me.I highly recommend ThunderShirt for Cats!
Thundershirts do exist for dogs - in fact, I think they were originally made for 'fraidy dogs who hate storms. I figure it's worth a try during the fireworks - you have nothing to lose!

Not planning any roadtrips with the cat but I hope that when we have no choice but to put her in the car she'll be less stressed (and more quiet) This fear of veterinary visits can be prevented early on by proactively providing kittens with many positive experiences at the hospital, in the pet carrier and in the car ride before. For adult cats, reversing negative experiences that may have already occurred can be a little trickier and may require a combination of behavior modification, plus pheromone therapy (Feliway®), as well as other tools. In fact, one tool you might consider is a Thundershirt® Compression Wrap for Cats.Ollie the cat wears his brand new Thundershirt for the first time... don't worry, the "freeze and flop" is totally normal (according to the box!). Note: I did trade Ollie's Thundershirt for the correct size, which helped with his balance issues! However, he doesn't wear it very often - I've found that the Thundershirt works much more effectively for the dog's anxiety issues than the cat's. The take home message here is that the Thundershirt® for Cats can offer immediate anxiety relief in some cats. In order to determine whether it’s working and whether it’s causing a decrease in anxiety, one should evaluate for changes in anxiety behavior objectively—such as: Generally, one would tackle this type of case by first training Griffin to love his carrier, which can take as little as a few days, and to love car rides, which is less convenient to practice. This would be followed with pairing non-treatment visits (sometimes called Happy Visits) to the vet with good things such as treats. Pheromones such as Feliway®, as well as neutraceuticals such as , might be added with the understanding that they may or may not help. Velenovsky wanted to test use of the Thundershirt® for cats all by itself.I'd been considering the for about a year, after numerous people had recommended it on the basis of their experiences with both cats and dogs. The gentle pressure of the Thundershirt is supposed to help ease anxiety; think of it as nature's . I thought it might possibly work for Loki and/or Leila to get them feeling a little calmer, and the Thundershirt folks kindly sent me a sample to try.