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Warm sheets, straight from the dryer in a pile, make a great cat bed- until the bed gets made.
For pet owners seeking an all-in-one heated bed solution, we offer and . They combine the warmth of a Pet Bed Warmer with the comfort of a K&H dog or cat bed.
The Warming Cat Bed - Hammacher Schlemmer - Recommended by veterinarians, this bed generates a gentle warmth to soothe older or arthritic pets.
The Aspen Pet Self-Warming Cat bed incorporates the same self-heating technology as space blankets do. Simply put, your cat’s own body heat will enable the self-warming material to warm up and maintain heat while the cat bed is in use. So there you have it, straight from the kitty herself. We give Hammacher Schlemmer’s Warming Cat Bed four paws up.Mar 25, 2014 - Allegra and Ruby reviewed the self-warming cat bed from Spenser Pets.Self Warming Cat Bed by Petmate - Southern Agriculture
These modern cat beds from Etsy seller are not just beautiful, they have a really interesting feature that kitty is sure to love. These handmade beds are self-warming, capturing kitty’s body heat and making a cozy nest without any electricity.LOVE these! We won’t use anything electric for our felines’ beds, and these are wonderful at keeping cats warm in stylish and attractive ways, for not too bad a price.The Spenser Pets self-warming cat beds are available in 12″ inner diameter for $44 and 14″ inner diameter for $49. Visit the to see the current fabric selections.Updated: May 16, 2015 The pet industry is a multi billion dollar market with pet owners spending huge amounts on their pets. There are millions of cat owners in the United States alone, and many buy cat beds or sleeping pillows for their felines (whether to keep them from leaving hair all over the furniture, or just to give them a "special" place all their own). Cats have always been pampered and well taken care of compared to dogs, and it really shows when you look at what is available for cats beds. The cheap cat beds are just simple pillows that they can snuggle up on but the luxury cat beds actually have heaters built in to keep your kitty warm on cold nights. There are domed kitty beds that allow your cat to enter their hotel haven and rest in privacy. Some may think many of these products are a little silly, but pets are treated like one of the family in many households across America. Cats are finicky pets and tend to be loners if given the chance to interact. Older cats especially like to sleep most of the day and when cats do get old it's nice to give them a soft pillow or bed to lay down on.The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House was designed to make sleeping outside a dry, warm and comfortable experience for your cat. It is ideal if your cat likes to sleep in the garage, barn or on the porch or any other sheltered area. The Kitty House is waterproof and comes with two entrances with removable flap doors. To keep the house nice and warm the Kitty House comes with a Lectro-Soft bed – a thermostatically controlled, ortho-foam, indoor/outdoor heating pet pad. Cats like it hot. Whether it is the engine cover of your car, inside your warm bed or anywhere else – they love to cuddle in a warm, safe place. The Thermo Kitty Cave will keep their bed nice and warm, soft and inviting, while the cave design will provide the perfect hide-out. We all like to cuddle on a cold winter’s night, and so do our pets. There’s nothing more pampering for your beloved cat than a cozy warm bed. The Deluxe Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed is exactly what you’re looking for to spoil your little kitty and let it enjoy the best bed a cat can have. Allegra and Ruby are always eager to assist with product reviews, but reviewing the self-warming cat bed from Spenser Pets was the first time I asked them to be asleep on the job – and they were very happy to oblige!