Choosing the Best Toy for Your Cat

These toys are sure to be a hit among your cats. Check them out!
Any other house-like toys?
And the is great. It’s a wooden box with lots of holes. You stick all their balls and springs and stuff in it, and they have to work to fish out whatever they want to play with. Simon and Hazel are super into it. I think it’s like a Rubik’s Cube for cats.
There are feathers, catnip, jingle balls, and more. What cat could possibly resist these toys?
The most interesting aspect of the Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is that cats' natural hunting and stalking instincts come into play. Their interest is not particularly in the "prey" (toys hidden inside the box), but in the thrill of the hunt. Our floor soon became littered with toys flipped out of the box by one cat or another. Be sure to stock the box with plenty of toys to maximize your cat's home-alone playtime. This is not a toy that cats will soon grow tired of, as my photo review demonstrates. Will your cat be receiving any of these best cat toys? Tell us in the comments below!This, by far, is definitely the best cat toy we have ever found!Have you made any homemade cat toys? Tell us about it in the comments!
Established in 1983, Cat Dancer Products is dedicated to making the best toys for cats. All of our handheld toys are manufactured in our solar powered factory in Neenah, Wisconsin.Home-made Cat Toy; a plastic bottle with a couple holes cut in it, then filled with cat treats and catnip. The more cats bat it around the more likely a treat will fall out for them to eat.The Original Cat Dancer® and a paw to hold the toy on a wall. Kitty can play while you’re away. The included Command® Stripswill not mar your wall.SHRU is not another cat toy, it’s a cat companion, designed to be your cat’s new best friend while you’re away from home. It automatically responds to your cat’s play by mimicking a small animal’s erratic movement and sound.Spoil your favorite feline with a few of these easy DIY cat toys. You don't have to be super crafty -- you can find something to make for your cat TODAY! via @leviandrachelWho doesn't want to spoil their favorite feline? Now you can without spending lots of cash or being super crafty with these 15 EASY diy cat toys!Does your cat inspire you? My cat inspired me to create some homemade catnip filled cat toys. I'll teach you how to make them, including how to do the blanket stitch! #ad #MyCatMyMuseCat Dancer Compleat is a Cat Dancer interactive cat toy packaged with a soft paw-shaped wall-mount. When the owner is away, the cat can still play with its favorite…Cat Dancer is the original interactive cat toy. Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. Home-tested by over…Cat toys can range from free homemade distractions to battery-powered devices but, regardless of the price tag, safety comes first. Cats should never have any toy that includes loose string or yarn. The papillae that give the cat’s tongue its rough texture act as tiny hooks to draw the string or yard into the cat’s throat; once ingested, it can lead to serious, even deadly, problems in the digestive tract.