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This is the best option for all those cats that you just can’t seem to train to use a litter.
Choose a box that your cat will actually use. Too often, cat owners opt for to the human eye, such as those that are covered. However, covered boxes can be frightening to cats, as they hinder any chance of escape and leave a cat vulnerable. Covered boxes also contain all of the scent, which may prompt a cat to use another place with less offensive odors. A self-scooping litterbox may be tempting, but the electronic sounds can scare more timid cats, which discourages their use. While some cats are fine with covered or self-scooping boxes, many do best with uncovered litterboxes. Some cats prefer a larger area to eliminate in than most cat boxes provide; for these cats, using a fairly big plastic storage box that’s approximately 6 inches in height can be a good solution. However, for a middle-aged cat, who may have joint disease, you will need to cut one or more of the sides down in order to allow her to get in and out of the more easily.
Mar 7, 2017 - Use our guide to the top ten best cat litters to help make sense of the many options.
10. Dust-free litter: Litter dust may be a major factor is triggering feline asthma. For those cats suffering from this, it is essential that this be minimized. Every time they stir up the litter, some of that dust can reach their lungs. Unfortunately, a completely dust-free litter does not exist but some come very close. Nature's Miracle litter appears to be the best litter on the market. In my experience, it has the lowest levels of dust for commercial cat litters. When you dump a fresh bag in the box, it is nice not to have that huge cloud of dust that takes 15 minutes to settle down. Made from ground corn cobs, it also does an outstanding job of masking odor and clumps very nicely. Other good choices are Arm & Hammer Naturals, Blue Buffalo, World's Best Cat Litter, Tidy Cat Pure Nature and Swheat Scoops. A major environmental downside to traditional clumping litters is the use of clay, in particular sodium bentonite, which is predominantly collected by strip-mining, which degrades land and waterways. Feb 20, 2017 - All World's Best Cat Litter™ formulas use the concentrated power of corn to ..What's the best cat litter to use? - Tampa Animal HospitalsAt LitterMaid®, we know that cats can be finicky, which is why we focus on providing total litter solutions that use only the best litter types available
Most of all, though, I want what’s best for Bubba and Fifi. I’ve always used clay litter because it’s cheap and effective, but I recently read Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy and was shocked to learn that the silica and dust in many clay litters can give kitties cancer and asthma. So I hit the aisles of my local Super Target to find a natural litter that works well and keeps my kitties healthy. (Note: My cats are delightfully unfinicky when it comes to new foods and litters. Cats are creatures of habit, so a gradual switch to new litter might be best.) Here’s what I found.Remember to provide multiple boxes if you have more than one cat. Some cats will absolutely refuse to use a litter box if another cat has been in there. The general rule of thumb is to have one box per cat if space allows. If you don’t have room for additional boxes, it would be best to plan to clean the existing box or boxes several times a day.Results: The scent of this litter is hard to pin down. It’s supposed to be lavender, but it’s almost musky. When I was a kid, I bought a bottle of ancient perfume at a neighbor’s garage sale and doused myself in it before walking home in 95-degree weather, and it reminds me a bit of that experience. (Note: Unscented varieties are also available.) But once the litter was in the box, I couldn’t smell it at all, and the clumping powers are pretty much magical. The only downside is the price; otherwise, the World’s Best Cat Litter seems to live up to its name. While there are no scientific, side-by-side comparisons of specific cat litters, there are plenty of experts who like to weigh in on the topic and they offer a lot of helpful information. We looked at what these cat professionals, experts and lovers had to say, and analyzed user reviews from all over the web. We used this information to identify the best cat litters by type -- clumping clay, biodegradable and crystal -- as well as clumping biodegradable options and alternatives for cats with special needs. Editors break down cat litters by their effectiveness, environment factors and value; top picks earn Best Reviewed status.