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What would be an apt technical term for the fear of eating cat food?
Despite this, dog and cat food companies use the technique because irradiation is often the only other readily available commercial-scale sterilization method, he said. Considering that raw pet food buyers are often searching for natural, minimally processed items, radiation is not much of an option.
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AFIA's Pet Food Conference covers a variety of topics from regulatory to technical aspects of production to product claims, marketing and nutrition. Our annual educational series attracts more than 250 attendees. AFIA represents more than 30 pet food manufacturers and all major ingredient suppliers offering an excellent opportunity to network with a diverse audience. Techni-Cal Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls - Dog Food AdvisorThe Techni-Cal product line includes eight dry dog foodsPetfood Specialities petfood industry technical support
“Canned food is made by a process called retorting and is not much more complex than home canning,” says Daniel Carey, DVM, director of technical communications in research and development with The Iams Co., Dayton, Ohio.If there were a technical term for the condition in which a person is irrationally and intensely afraid of inadvertently eating cat food, what would that term be?Any production manager, operations manager, or IT specialist who has ever shopped for a data solution for food-production processes knows that this is a complicated, evolving industry. In an effort to help simplify this process, we have organized a glossary of technical definitions related to this complex field where food production, process improvement, and technology innovation intersect. If you have a term that should be added, please contact . 14:30-15:00 Applications of microalgal fatty acids in pet foods—Shiguang Yu, PhD, global technical manager-pet nutrition for DSM Nutritional Products, explains why microalgae offer a sustainable source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) for pet food. PUFAs are essential nutrients for growth and reproduction and have been shown to provide other health benefits. Microalgae are easily applied in pet foods, bioavailable to pets and approved as a feed ingredient in many markets, including China.DVM title from the University of Mexico and MBA studies from the Monterrey Technological Institute. Miguel has 26 years of experience in the Research and Development area of pet food with knowledge of formulation, ingredients, quality, processing, animal testing, regulatory, packaging and technical communications. He has worked as an advisor for different pet food companies in USA and Latin America and has been speaker in specialized events in Mexico and other countries.Note: If a particular cat food does not inform all the 11 essential amino acids in its technical analysis, it does not always mean this food does not contain them. The follow list gives priority to the cat foods that are informing all the 11 essential amino acids in their technical food analysis.Petfood Specialities offers technical services and support for the petfood industry. According to the company, its services are dedicated to petfood producers and deliver complete factory and production line projects. The company also offers outsourcing support for factories in areas such as marketing, nutrition, recipes, raw materials, equipment, production, product testing and more.