Tall Modern Cat Condo Featured in “Catio”

Modern Cat Designs Tall Modern Cat Condo Color
As you can see, among other things the Tall Modern Cat Condo is featured in her catio! This is a representation of the high quality product that we offer here at Modern Cat Designs, and it is great to see someone use it in such a unique fashion.
Some nice cat gymnastics on a tall condo from Modern Cat Designs.
Modern Cat Condo - Tall TT-UPF01-B/C - Here's a stylish design that makes a great addition to any room of the house. Low center of gravity makes this ideal for large cats. Dimensions: 22 1/4" x 16 1/2" x 40" Tall Modern Cat CondoTall Modern Cat CondoModern Cat Designs Tall Modern Cat Condo - Puutty Power!
Modern Cat Designs just released a new limited edition tall cat condo in a gorgeous blue fabric. The tall cat condo was previously available in beige and chocolate. The blue is a lovely addition. This is one of my favorite modern cat towers on the market. The look is so unique and the fabric used [...]While not exactly space saving, this cat condo by Molly and Friends is sure to please even the pickiest of our furry friends. Standing a whooping 90″ tall, it offers a large bed and a variety of places to rest. No matter your pet’s size, they’ll be comfortable relaxing on this model. With high-quality materials like natural sisal rope and no assembly required, the “Virgie” has become a fan favorite with many felines.This month we have a brand new product to give away–a small cat condo from Modern Cat Designs. This cool new company (no, there is no relation to this blog) also makes a tall cat condo. Both models have padded slats that are perfect for scratching, climbing and lounging. Everything a cat could ask for! [...]Molly and Friends are known for making some of the better cat trees in the USA, but what always stands out to me is – the size! The Pinnacle is another giant model from the company and stands at an incredible 90" this time around. The condo is space saving due to the tall, yet skinny nature of the model however. Two condos, four cradles and over 30 inches of sisal rope lined posts ensure your feline is always entertained.