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This small, compact cat bed that will fit anywhere and still give your cat the comfort of a larger cat tree. This cat bed is 17" in diameter and 5" deep which is big enough for even the larger breeds to fit in comfortably. This is the tallest of our cat bed units standing 12.5" tall and providing a crawl space under the unit of 9" for your cat to have fun. The unit is reversible so if your cat prefers a flatter padded surface to lay on you simply turn it over.
Totally nifty, simple DIY hanging cat bed window perch seat! @doreencagno Hymns and Verses
Cat owners should consider their homes from their cat's point of view. Cats love curling up and sleeping in the afternoon sun, so pet owners should consider putting their used in a spot in their homes that gets some sunlight. In addition, cats like to hide in dark spaces, such as in boxes or under beds. If there is a spot in a pet owner's home that can get some sunlight but is also shaded at different times of the day, that location would be ideal for a cat condo. Cats also like high perches, so a pet owner may wish to dedicate a high-ceilinged space to a tall cat condo. Pet Steps Stairs Dog Adjustable Tall Folding Cat Ladder Animal Bed Puppy Gear #PAWDog Steps Stairs Bed Large Small Couch High Tall Doggie Pet Cat Wooden FoldingLarge Wood Pet Stairs Dog Extra Steps Bed Cat Tall Folding Couch Size Ladder #PetSteps
Many cats love to lounge off the floor, but sometimes the tall spot they love is hard to reach. That's why the Refined Feline Kitty Ball Luxury Wicker Cat Bed is so ideal. The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Luxury Wicker Cat Bed is a dome-shaped cat bed that stands on a pedestal, perfect for your regal kitty. It's easy to get into and comes in either an espresso color made with hand-woven faux rattan, or in spun bamboo. The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Luxury Wicker Cat Bed comes with a cozy machine washable cushion to add just the right amount of comfort. Your dog or cat has problems with getting onto your high bed? Help your pet with smart dog ramp. Some dog breeds, like dachshunds or chihuahuas, may take great advantage of a tall wooden ramp that makes bed accessible for them.Dog ramp dedicated for tall beds. Frame is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Handy accent for each home. Designed for medium sized dogs and cats.Ladybug Window Cat Bed At 3-1/2' tall, this nature-themed window cat bed has a curved ladybug-shaped upper bed and 2 flower-shaped steps. - Dimensions 42”Hx27"Wx32”D - Weight 25lbs - Material Plywood, Solid Pine (Posts), 100% Nylon CarpetDeluxe scratching post furniture with a bed atop three 80” poles with an alley below that, then a 12" tunnel below that, followed by another alley and then a bed on a 24" x 24" base. Each piece has an opening in the bottom for the cats to climb through.
Model: MF-83
Sizes: 7'2" Tall, 24"x24" Base
Pieces: (1) ring 16.5" diameter, 3" deep, (2) alleys 24.5" long, 13.5" wide, 6.5" deep, (1) tunnel 13.5" diameter 24.5" long, (1) bed 16.5" diameter, 3" deepSea Turtle Cat Furniture At nearly 4' tall, this amazing aquatic-themed cat furniture has a curved sea turtle bed and 2 fish steps. - Dimensions 44”Hx27"Wx35”D - Weight 45lbs - Material Plywood, Solid Pine (Posts), 100% Nylon CarpetDaisy Cat Scratch Furniture At 42” tall, this lovely cat scratch furniture has a curved daisy bed and 2 daisy steps. The flowers are sculptured to create a 3-dimensional look and feel. Optional sisal scratch posts, including dyed sisal, are available. Brightens up any room of your home, while providing a cozy place for cats to enjoy! - Dimensions 42”Hx25"Wx32”D - Weight 26lbs - Material Plywood, Solid Pine (Posts), 100% Nylon CarpetI've been looking into buying some more furniture for my kitty. She is currently only 6 weeks old, so if I were to buy one of those tall and complex cat trees she most likely wouldn't be using it much quite yet. But I've also been wanting to get her a high quality cat bed and this is where my question comes in. Would it be more worth my money to buy a large, complex cat tree, one that includes a bed at the bottom, so she could use it now? Or, would I be better off just buying her a bed and/or a smaller tree/condo? If any of you have tall cat trees, how much do your cats use them and would you say they are worth the money? (They are generally around $100) Any info will be much appreciated, thank you!