Sulfodene First Aid Skin Medication for Dogs Directions

No, Sulfodene Skin Medication is only labeled for dogs.
Sulfodene Hot Spot Medication for Dogs is the only FDA-approved aid in the treatment of hot spots that is available over the counter. Provides fast relief for your pet's irritated skin. Also aids in the treatment of minor scrapes and abrasions.
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The Sulfodene Skin Medication for Dogs is used for the treatment of hot spots associated with redness, hair loss, itching and scrapes. Coming in a 4-ounce bottle, Sulfodene provides immediate relief from skin inflammations of your pet. Sulfodene Skin Medication is certified FSA-approved. Sulfodene First Aid Skin Medication for Dogs, 4 oz - WalmartSulfodene Skin Medication, First Aid, for Dogs - Pet Care - Giant EagleSulfodene First Aid Skin Medication for Dogs, 4oz. - Choosy Paws
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Pet Supplies Plus As an aid in the treatment of hot spots associated with hair loss, redness, scratching. 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. NADA No. 5--236 approved by Food and Drug Administration. Sulfodene Skin Medication for Dogs is formulated to be effective as an aid in the treatment of certain common skin inflammations in dogs. Recommended specifically as an aid for hot spots (moist dermatitis). Also, Sulfodene medication is an effective first aid for scrapes and abrasions. Signs: These skin inflammations may be accompanied by itching so intense that the animal rubs, scratches and bites incessantly. Other signs associated with these skin inflammations include hair loss, redness, scaling and secondary infection.Sulfodene is a medication used in both human and veterinarymedicine to treat skin irritation and inflammation. If your pet suffersfrom excessive scratching, hair loss, red patches or hot spots on hisskin, a treatment involving a Sulfodene product may help to reduce hissymptoms. Read on for a brief overview of this drug and its varioususes for dogs.Sulfodene First Aid Skin Medication for Dogs, 4 oz This was hands down the BEST STUFF EVER for hot spots and skin problems for dogs. WHY WHY WHY CAN'T I FIND IT ANYMORE!?!? Sulfodene is a medication for dogs (any breed, size, or age because no restrictions are labeled--however, I would not use this product on puppies under six months of age, as with most any product) that boasts to be an aid in the treatment of eczema, moist dermatitis (skin inflammations in localized areas--do not use on "half" of your dog), and hot spots. It is also used in the treatment of scratching, hair loss, and redness as well as being a first aid for abrasions and scrapes.

Sulfodene is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and is made in the U.S.A. (yay!!!).

The active ingredient in Sulfodene is 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. An inactive ingredient is Isopropyl Alcohol in 2.0%. Not much "ouch" on the sting scale. How do I know? I tried the product on myself and felt very little burning upon application to broken skin.

To use Sulfodene, the instructions state to "clip hair from around affected areas and apply...freely with an applicator such as affected areas." There are many people who prefer not to clip their pet's fur, and if you can get the hair lifted up in order to apply the liquid, then that would work also, but not very well if you are applying Sulfodene to a large patch of skin.

Sulfodene smells AWFUL!!! Yes, it smells like paint thinner or the like. My dogs run in the opposite direction of Sulfodene when they smell this product, and I don't blame them.

Sulfodene is greasy, but only for about thirty minutes until the skin absorbs all the medication. You will want to keep your dog from rubbing around on your carpets to prevent stains on your floors. Naturally, try to keep your pet from scratching the spot where the medicine was applied so that Sulfodene does not get into your dog's eyes, ears, nose or mouth.

Sulfodene seems to work very well, and I plan on using Sulfodene instead of hydrogen peroxide on my two labradors from now on. Clip hair from around affected areas and apply Sulfodene Skin Medication for Dogs freely with an applicator such as cotton or soft, clean cloth twice a day. If condition does not improve within one week, consult your veterinarian.