Stress Stopper is formulated for all animals, not just cats.

Stress Stopper is formulated for all animals, not just cats
Helps ease short-duration stresses such as vet trips, fireworks, vacuum, visitors, etc. Formulated for all animals (not just cats).

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Stress Stopper is a flower essence solution formulated by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM and Jackson Galaxy, animal behaviorist. For over 20 years, Jackson has been using these holistic solutions to help his cat clients. Before getting the T.V. show "My Cat From Hell," he would formulate and pour each bottle by hand, filling orders himself. Since getting the T.V. show, he's become a bit too busy for that, but each bottle is still hand-poured and sealed by a small staff in California.

Customers have said...
We've been having home repairs, stressing out my dog, rabbit and 7 cats. I already use Peacemaker in the dog/cats water bowls. I started putting Stress Stopper in their water and have seen a HUGE difference in their stress levels. Hope (dog) suffered from anxiety before the repairs, but she's noticeably calmer in general now. - Julia, Tewksbury, MA

My cat Sadie would scream bloody murder when I took her to the vet. It was getting in the way of her getting treatments. Stress Stopper has been wonderful. I make her appointments for the afternoon so I can make sure she is pretty calm before we go to the vet. I put a few drops in her water, rub some through her fur a couple times in the morning/afternoon, and spray the inside of her cat carrier. And when I get her in her carrier - she goes calmly which never happened before. And at the vet, she had no problem at all...she stayed perfectly calm. I'm here to re-order Stress Stopper. I can't take my cat to the vet without it! Thank you Jackson! -Anonymous, Orange, CA

My kitty, Janet, has been skittish since she came to live with me. She could be in a deep sleep, but if I got off of the squeaky futon (a noise she hears literally daily), she would jump to attention like the sky might be falling. She would hide when I cooked bacon because occasionally it would set off the smoke detector. She was afraid of bubbles, no joke. Then, my husband moved out, and she began pulling out her fur. I realized she needed some support. I decided on "Stress Stopper" as my first attempt to help her, and she LOVES it. I put a spray in her water and apply some to her fur with my hands as well, and she purrs when I apply it. Now, if I drop something loudly, she comes over to investigate instead of slinking out of the room, low to the ground. She has stopped pulling out her fur, and she can stay in a sound sleep in the midst of noise. It's so nice to see her finally relax! -Alison, Belchertown, MA
Apr 1, 2014 - To Spirit Essences for donating a shelter sized bottle of Stress Stopper holistic remedy. And to Sunny Seat for donating window seats for cats!
You may need to slow the reintroduction down. Don’t let the cats be together in the same space yet. You may need to keep them in separate rooms for a few days and then slowly start over introducing them to each other. I’ve heard mixed feedback from vets about introducing another scent via the vanilla trick and would probably not do that at this stage. You may also want to consider adding Stress Stopper and Peacemaker from Spirit Essences I know this is distressing, but you can get your happy home back – just go very very slowly. Jan 1, 2014 - To Spirit Essences for donating a shelter sized bottle of Stress Stopper holistic remedy. And to Sunny Seat for donating window seats for cats!May 1, 2014 - To Spirit Essences for donating a shelter sized bottle of Stress Stopper holistic remedy. And to Sunny Seat for donating window seats for cats!Apr 13, 2013 - So the perfect remedy for her is Safe Space for Cats and of course complementing that with Stress Stopper whenever an attack happens.
I have a male cat with chronic cystitis. We have tried many, many things. The only thing that really helps is antidepressants, but I don’t want to give him those long term. He was brought in from outside and seems well balanced, loving and playful with the other cats, but just has this chronic problem. We have put him on wet food and specialty food for urinary problems, but nothing really makes a difference. I was thinking of trying the UR-fine, but then was thinking of the stress stopper (I can’t afford both). Any helpful direction in this would be greatly appreciated.Try using Spirit Essences holistic remedies, Pawsey Girl. I’ve had good results with them for both my own cats and my clients’ cats. There are several different ways to give them, the easiest is to just spray them on your hand and then rub them on your cat’s fur. The formulas I recommend for your cat are Stress Stopper and Easy Traveler: Start using stress Stopper three to four times a day right away, and start Easy Traveler a few days before the move. You may also want to consider Changing Times, you can start using that once you start packing and things in his environment start to change.For many cats, the activity and constant ringing of the doorbell on Halloween night can be very stressful. Consider giving a calming remedy like Rescue Remedy or Spirit Essences Stress Stopper to help reduce stress. If you have a super nervous cat, you may want to talk to your veterinarian about prescribing a tranquilizer.I’m so sorry this is happening in your household, Kristine. If you’re open to using holistic remedies, I’d recommend trying Spirit Essences Stress Stopper, Peacemaker and Safe Space for Cats, in addition to what you’re already doing. If you decide to order, you can get a 10% discount by using code CONSCIOUSCAT.