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Most retail stores hire on help as young as 16, with some states allowing for 14 and 15-year-old ..
General Duties & Requirements: Many retail jobs involve aspects of customer service, sales, and stocking. Workers entering the retail industry should expect to interact with customers on a regular basis and work as part of teams to perform assigned duties. The average retail location imposes restrictions on employee dress and demeanor. Some even provide complimentary or discounted uniforms. Applicants often need to sit through at least one face-to-face interview with hiring personnel, typically a shift supervisor or assistant manager, to gain employment consideration, unless referred by current employees. Some retailers provide access to job applications online, which expedites the overall hiring process in most cases and allows aspirants to apply for multiple jobs at multiple locations at once.
Fred's Application Online: Jobs & Career Info. Fred's serves as a popular general store banner in the Southeastern United States, with nearly 5,000 employees.
Applicants may apply online or submit paper applications to desired stores in order to declare candidacy for employment. Job hopefuls should research the position desired prior to submitting hiring materials to ensure strong bids for the desired positions. Meeting with staff before sending in employment forms may also benefit prospective workers, as the act reflects personal interest and determination toward gaining formal review. Display overtly creative abilities and speak to longstanding enjoyment of the arts when engaged with management in hiring discussions to solidify candidacy further. rue21 application. Apply online with rue21. Read about store jobs, employment openings, and what it's like to work for the company.Rainbow application. Apply online with Rainbow. Read about jobs in stores, employment opportunities, and what it's like to work for the retail company.Fry's Food job application online. Read about open jobs and careers at Fry's grocery stores: hiring process and employment prospects. Apply with Fry's Food.
Job seekers looking for entry-level employment can join the over 125,000 workers employed at Best Buy. Applications are available online and the retailer readily trains new employees upon hire. Previous experience in retail, sales, and customer service can help during the hiring process but isn’t necessary. The retail chain hires applicants with a high school diploma and knowledge of the latest trends in technology and electronics.New locations allow job hopefuls to apply for numerous positions with GIANT Food Stores. Application forms are available both in store and online. Most roles are entry-level and include sales, stock, and cashier jobs that offer flexible hours and pay minimum wage to start.Fallas Discount Stores offers brand-name and private-label clothing for men, women, and children from infants on up. The off-price retail chain also offers customers the opportunity to choose from other merchandise options. Domestics, toys, footwear, and even uniforms remain available for buyers to peruse on each visit to the store. The company continuously attempts to provide the best products for the lowest prices. With discount stores growing in popularity, job growth steadily grows coincidentally. Offering a straightforward application process, the retail chain allows interested applicants to apply online through the company website or in person at a local Fallas Discount Store.Candidates taking initiative to follow up with hiring managers after submitting an application may consider calling, emailing, or visiting a location to inquire about hiring procedures. Dress accordingly in business-casual attire to show genuine interest in the desired position. If possible, try to visit stores at off-peak hours in order to show respect for business practices and to ensure the best chances of speaking with hiring personnel. Managers typically get back with job seekers within one week after receiving hiring materials, which makes follow-up only necessary if not contacted for further screenings.