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Some people resort to punishing their cats — or having them declawed — in an effort to save their furniture. Although using punishment may temporarily stop cats from scratching the furniture, it can also result in some unfortunate consequences. Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, veterinarian and Director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, does not recommend using on punitive techniques to correct unwanted feline behaviors.
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How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching Furniture

Cat lovers know all too well that one of the biggest challenges of owning a cat is trying to figure out how to stop your cat from scratching furniture. Nothing can be more frustrating than watching your lovable kitty scratch and claw your new couch to shreds. What to do?

Understand that scratching and clawing are natural behaviors for your cat and you cannot prevent it from happening, but you can train kitty to scratch only in certain areas.

Cats actually scratch for two reasons. The first reason everybody thinks of is your cat's need to sharpen their claws. But the second reason, the one that's not so obvious, is your cat's desire to leave their territorial mark. This is especially true when you catch your cat scratching and clawing the furniture or carpet in particular.

Cats leave their scent from the sweat glands on and in between the pads of their paws. The scent left behind says, 'Hey there buster, I am here, and this is my territory.' Once their scent is on something, such as your furniture or carpet, they often will return to the object and apply their scent again.

Understanding this about your cat's behavior is valuable information that we can use to our advantage to help train kitty to use a scratching post. If we can get kitty's scent on the post (a little catnip on the post would do the trick), kitty will likely scratch the post then come back to the post later on to replenish the scent. And since cats scratch most frequently right after they wake up it's very important that the scratching post is convenient to where they spend much of their time.

However, since your cat has already scratched your furniture, you will have to use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate the cat's scent or kitty will keep returning to the scratching spot. Then you must spray daily with one of the products designed to keep pets away by leaving an odor they prefer not to be around (but is OK for you and I ) like those Citronella sprays.

Finally, when your cat uses the scratching post, provide lots of positive reinforcement and jump up and down and shout Hooray! Kitty is now using her furniture instead of yours.

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The above tips are guaranteed to stop your cat from scratching the furniture, though nothing can guarantee that your cat will never, ever use her claws on things other than a scratching post. But you can lower the damage done by trimming your cat’s claws, which must be done approximately every 2 to 4 weeks.Shelly lives with her husband, her five-year-old son and their three cats, Pantera, Bugatti, and Enzo. The family lives in a cozy house, filled with antiques and lush carpets. Everyone, including the cats, loves the furniture. The three felines frequently focus their attentions on an antique chair and two ornate sofas. In addition, Pantera exercises her claws on Shelly’s favorite oriental rug. Shelly tried everything she could think of to stop the destruction, but with no success. She hung a scratcher from a door, placed a scratching post in one of the rooms, and yelled at the cats. The only change Shelly noticed was that they scratched with more vigor after she yelled at them.So, are you ready to stop your cat from scratching your furniture? We bet you are. Add more scratching posts, block access to the undesired spots, and start trimming your cat’s claws on a regular basis. This means that even if your cat follows his natural behavior (scratching sofas, that is), there will be no damage done.A product called compare prices duplicates the cheek scent that cats produce and rub against furniture or other objects. Cheek-rub scent tells the cat to “chill, calm down! Everything’s cool” and reduces stress-related behaviors such , clawing, and aggression. In a study of 23 cats, spraying the illegal scratching target once a day for 21 days stopped the scratching completely. Feliway comes as a spray or a plug-in from pet product stores.