Depending on many things, a cat may stop spraying:

You really want to find out how to stop a cat spraying and have good manners again.

How can I stop my cat from spraying?
Because spraying is different than other types of house soiling, different tactics are necessary to manage it.
Sarah tried everything to stop her cat from spraying in the house but nothing was really worked.
canine urine marking indoors vetstreetcanine urine marking is an instinct for male and some female dogs buthow to stop a male cat from spraying 11 steps wikihowhow to stop a male cat of How to Stop a Male Cat from Spraying was reviewed by  on February 3, 2017.Here is the transcript of this video on how to get cats to stop spraying in the house:How To Stop Cat Spraying -Cat Spray No More review
First, is he neutered? Generally, neutering prevents or stops spraying behavior in a cat, but it's not a 100% solution. Is your cat healthy? Have there been any social changes, like a roommate moving in or out? Is there a new cat or dog in the neighborhood that he perceives as a rival or threat? Is your cat being inadvertently "mistreated" in any way? Does your cat feel neglected?My female cat was spayed 1 year ago and is now just starting to spray in my house again. She is also lifting her buttocks up in the air when you talk to her and meowing all the time. We have two outside "barn" cats that come on our porch (one is male). They do not mark anywhere, they just lay on our porch and then walk away. They have been here from the time I got my indoor cat. Why is my cat starting to spray again and what can I do to stop her?My trained cats have also began spraying too. I have been out in the garden this afternoon weeding and it just stinks of cat wee. We are at our wits end. Is there anything that works to stop it coming anywhere near us? Even if we could catch him, the local rescue centre have said they are full. They can help with getting it neutered but I would have to collect it!One thing that really helps threatened cats is to 'catify the space', which essentially means creating shelves and nooks above eye level for them to perch. In this way they no longer have territorial feelings and, if hey have adequate litter, they will most likely stop spraying. My 11 year old male indoor cat, has recently started to spray all over my house. I've been single for 5 years and now have a new live in boyfriend. It is the only thing I can think of why he would feel threatened. How can I get him to stop?[…] your furniture getting clawed to shreds? Make your own cat deterrent spray using water, essential oils, and dish liquid. It’s easy to make and will stop your cat from […]He is a handsome cat! I have a vet who practices traditional and holistic medicine. She gives my male cat a tincture made with apple cider vinegar and the primary ingrediant to stop the spraying. I do not know what the ingrediant is. He sprays to mark his territory, as I have 3 cats total. There was a time, when he sprayed because he tested positive for a urinary tract infection (UTI). You may just want to make sure he does not have a UTI, as this can lead to bladder disease.How To Stop Cat from Spraying urine peeing everywhere no more, tips on how to get rid of or keep neutered smell odor removal inside or outside my house go to to learn the secret of how to Fixed cat marking territory in house

All cats - male or female, neutered or not - will mark out their territory with urine spraying. Cat's spray can be a reaction to a stressful situation. During these situations, cats will spray urine to increase their self-assurance, to cope with emotional stress, or as a displacement strategy to soothe itself. While it is completely normal for cats to spray outdoors, when your cat sprays indoors it is a sign that they are feeling distressed. It has even been known for cats to spray their owner's bed or duvet.