Fully carpeted pet steps for dogs and cats

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I have had a Fitbit Flex around my cats neck for about a week now. It is very interesting to track my cat. Besides counting steps, the sleep tracker is even more interesting. It was no surprise that his sleep pattern was very close to our sleep patterns mostly because whenever he was awake during the night, he had to make sure we woke up by jumping on the bed and climbing all over us. If you are wondering how I attached the Flex around my cat’s neck, it was simple, I just snapped two small wrist bands together creating a nice loose collar. At first I wasn’t sure if he would put up with having a collar on but he acts like there is nothing there and has not once tried to pull it off. I am now searching the web for Fitbit Flex cat collars, I am sure some company in China has one available.
Here are six MORE steps to help your cats get along. Watch the video and read on for more info.
Pet Steps allow your pet to reach new heights. Holding up to 70 lbs, they are perfect for cats or small dogs that need a little assistance jumping on the sofa, chair or bed. Weighing three pounds, Pet Steps are easy to move, feature strong one-piece const Can you think of other pros and cons or considerations for cats and steps in living spaces? Tell us in the comments!Canine-Arthritis? Dog Steps 15Window Perches For Cats | Cat Perch Stands | Wall Steps | Wall Platforms
Young cats can leap with acrobatic agility. Hello, tops of bookcases, refrigerators and shelves. But, by the time most cats become seniors, their leaping days are over. According to a study from the University of Glasgow, 30% of cats over the age of eight showed signs of osteo-arthritis, the degenerative joint disease. If stiffness and joint pain have set in, your cat may appear to lose interest in a favorite game or jumping onto a perch. Cats are notorious for masking their symptoms for any kind illness, so why wait until you have a diagnosis? Even your cat is healthy; it’s never too early to take steps for joint protection.Here's a run-through so you can see how all of the steps look when put together. Now you've learned all of the different conformations for Cat's Cradle. ...Cat Steps, Cat Stairs and Cat Ramps are fast becoming an indispensable aid for concerned owners who value their cats' independence. Cat stairs are useful not only for elderly or infirm cats but for the little creatures that can not reach their favourite pNo Cats Were Seriously injured.

"Kitten Gets Thrown Down a Loft Ladder" (Cat Pushes Another Cat down the Stairs)...
Filmed by Storm Pickett,

Peering over the edge, this kitten looked too scared to clamber out of the loft.
Bella takes a step forward as she carefully tries to make her way down the steps with Kimba lurking behind her.
As the six month old kitten climbs carefully over the edge, she glances up at the Kimba who is watching her closely preparing to pounce. Then, just as she prepares to take her fifth step, Kimba reaches out playfully with a left paw and prods Bella's behind sharply.

The kitten - who was not injured - is sent tumbling down to the floor below by the mischievous cat.
Despite taking a heavy tumble Bella was not injured as she fell.You’ve made the decision – you’re going to get the feral cats in your life fixed! Now what? Often people reach for the first trap they can find, but that’s a mistake. Doing a TNR project well requires planning and preparation. Taking the time to think it out will make the process easier for you and the cats and help you avoid the pitfalls that can happen when you’ve got a feral cat sitting in a trap and aren’t sure what to do next. Here are the seven basic steps to follow:For more than 20 years, I lived in a place where there were no steps, no second floor, and no basement. Steps and cats weren’t something I had to think about. Prior to that, I had a very small place with steps into a basement. The cats I had at the time loved to tear up and down the stairs. I remember Jamie, my medium-haired orange kitty, jumping off the side of the stairs (chasing a ball) onto the basement floor. He actually injured a paw in his enthusiasm. Only then did I realize that there might be considerations when it came to steps and cats. I didn’t have to think about it again for a long time.