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Stella & Chewy's Tummy Ticklin' Turkey Dinner Morsels Freeze Dried Cat Food
Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried cat foods offer all of the nutritional benefits of raw food with the convenience of dry food. These recipes are all made with fresh, wholesome ingredients including premium proteins and organic produce to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for cats in all life stages. Here is a list of Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried cat food recipes:
Stella Chewy 39 S Grain Free Freeze Dried Cat Food
I found large chunks of turkey bone in the food. The bone was sharp-edged and, if swallowed, could have caused choking or lacerations. This food is not designed for cats. It is obvious that Stella and Chewy's has done little research on cat nutrition, and has, instead simply followed the 'logic' that you can feed cats the same thing as dogs. Stella & Chewy's Dinner Morsels Grain-Free Chicken Freeze Dried Cat Food, 9 oz, Brown ; Animals & Pet Supplies - Pet Supplies -Stella & Chewy's Duck Duck Goose Dinner Morsels Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food, 3.5-oz bag; Give your cat what he naturally cravStella & Chewy's Tummy Ticklin' Turkey Dinner Morsels Grain-Free Freeze-Dried Cat Food, 18-oz bag; Give your cat what he naturally
Did you lead your computer mouse here or did your cat? If you did, congratulations on your stellar find of the Stella and Chewy's Freeze Dried Cat Food! If your cat did, you have one talented cat! This freeze dried cat food is completely We believe cats deserve to thrive on minimally-processed food - the way nature intended. That's why we start with real ingredients like raw, wild-caught salmon and raw, cage-free chicken with no added hormones* or antibiotics, and wholesome fruits & vegetables. Our recipes are then created in small batches and slowly freeze-dried to lock in nutrition and taste. As always, our products are made without grains, glutens, fillers, articial preservatives or colorings.Stella & Chewy’s frozen cat food products offer the nutritional benefits of raw food at their finest. These products give you the benefit of raw food without having to prepare it yourself – just take it out of the freezer, warm up the right portion, and offer it to your cat. Here is a list of Stella & Chewy’s frozen cat food recipes:Stella and Chewy’s of Oak Creek, Wisconsisn, has announced it is voluntarily recalling select lots of its raw dog and cat food due to the possible presence of Listeria monoyctogenes bacteria.The first ingredient in this Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Absolutely Rabbit recipe is rabbit, as promised. This fresh rabbit also includes ground bone which provides your cat with essential minerals. Not only is fresh rabbit an excellent source of animal protein, but it is also a novel source of protein – a type of protein that most cats have not eaten before. This makes it a great choice for cats suffering from food allergies and sensitivities because cats are unlikely to develop an allergic reaction to something they haven’t eaten before.Stella & Chewy claims that they use minimal amount of MSBC and that there hasn’t been any scientific study that has found this product would be toxic or harmful to pets. However, feeding your cats products containing this ingredient every day for their lifetime and exposing them to cumulative exposure of this controversial substance is not something you should be willing to gamble on. And since there hasn’t been any scientific study on the long term effect of MSBC in cat food, I will stay away from any product including it. At one point, this ingredient was deemed safe for human beings. It is no longer the case.